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I am using Git Bash on Windows 7. We are using GitHub as our repository origin.

Every time I push or pull I have to provide user and password credentials. I know that my SSH keys are set up correctly, otherwise, I would not be able to access the repository. (That is, once I enter my credentials the push/pull works correctly.)

I have entered

git config --global user.name myusername

git config --global user.email myemail

git config --global github.user myusername

git config --global github.token mytoken

But nonetheless, I am being asked for credentials each and every time I push/pull.

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Make sure that you are using the SSH URL for the GitHub repository rather than the HTTPS URL. It'll ask for your username and password when you are using HTTPS and not SSH. You can check the file .git/config or run git config -e or git remote show origin to verify the URL and change it if needed.

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