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I have a new Azure account. I am able to log into the 'manage' page as admin, but I forgot the password to one of my databases. I would like to reset the password on that one DB. How do I do that? Microsoft doesn't seem to have a KB on that - at least not one I could find. 

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First, click on browse if you want to view all resources.

Looking for Azure material from basics! Refer to this video on Azure provided by Intellipaat:

Resources list

  • Now, select the SQL databases.
  • Choose the database in the server for which you want to change the password.
  • Now, select the server name url for the database that you have selected, which should open up your server configuration portal.
  • At last, if you observe the screenshot, there is a Reset Password option in the second button from the left.
  • Reset password is the second button from left.

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