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Is there a way to create presigned URL for objects in S3 bucket using AWS CLI?

I know that could be done using SDK, but is it possible with CLI?

I found this on one of the AWS docs, but can't complete the command:

s3cmd signurl s3://BUCKET/OBJECT <expiry_epoch|+expiry_offset>

Any help?

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You can create a presigned URL using S3 presign. The following command will generate a URL that expires in 3600 seconds.

aws s3 presign s3://mybucket/myobject

You can modify the time for the expiration of URL by adding --expires-in as shown below

The following command will generate a URL that expires in 300 seconds.

aws s3 presign s3://mybucket/myobject  --expires-in 300

This pre-assigned URL allows anyone who has this URL to retrieve an S3 object with an HTTP GET request.

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