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I see two issues with AngularJS application regarding search engines and SEO:

1) What happens with custom tags? Do search engines ignore the whole content within those tags? i.e. suppose I have

<custom> <h1>Hey, this title is important</h1> </custom>

would <h1> be indexed despite being inside custom tags?

2) Is there a way to avoid search engines of indexing {{}} binds literally? i.e.


I know I could do something like

<h2 ng-bind="title"></h2>

but what if I want to actually let the crawler "see" the title? Is server-side rendering the only solution?

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  • Unfortunately, if you want to optimize your app for search engines there is no way around serving a pre-rendered version to the crawler.
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  • To know more about this you can refer to this article which tells about how to do SEO for Angular with server-side rendering.

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