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How can I create and fetch associative arrays in Java like I can in PHP?

For example:

$arr[0]['name'] = 'demo';

$arr[0]['fname'] = 'fdemo';

$arr[1]['name'] = 'test';

$arr[1]['fname'] = 'fname';

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Java doesn't support associative arrays, however this could easily be achieved using a Map. E.g.,

Map<String, String> map = new HashMap<String, String>();

map.put("name", "demo");

map.put("fname", "fdemo");

// etc

map.get("name"); // returns "demo"

Even more correct to your insstannce (since you can replace String with any object that meet your needs) would be to declare:

List<Map<String, String>> data = new ArrayList<>();

data.add(0, map);


See the official documentation for more information

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