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et's say I have an application that utilizes the Executor framework as such

Executors.newSingleThreadExecutor().submit(new Runnable(){


    public void run(){

        // do stuff



When I run this application in the debugger, a thread is created with the following (default) name: Thread[pool-1-thread-1]. As you can see, this isn't terribly useful and as far as I can tell, the Executor framework does not provide an easy way to name the created threads or thread-pools.

So, how does one go about providing names for the threads/thread-pools? For instance, Thread[FooPool-FooThread].

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Guava almost always has what you need.

ThreadFactory namedThreadFactory = 

  new ThreadFactoryBuilder().setNameFormat("my-sad-thread-%d").build()

and pass it off to your ExecutorService.

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