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We've got a working salesforce api implementation that gets and sets properly with a production salesforce account. We've recently come across a user that rather than using their production Salesforce to connect to our implementation, has set up a sandbox for a limited trial.

I personally have a sandbox that I can properly connect to. It is not, however, connected to a production salesforce instance.

I'm wondering if the fact that they have a production salesforce instance that they created the sandbox from will affect the API login to the sandbox.

I'm currently receiving a "your salesforce login is incorrect" even though I am absolutely certain the credentials and security token are correct.

If you need any other information, I'll happily include it.


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Hey! Make sure you are sending a login request for your sandbox account to and not You should also log in through the web app and look in the login history which is in setup. That will sometimes have more information regarding this. But make sure you're login in from the correct portal.

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