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What are the key features of Power BI?

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The various key features of Power BI are as follows:

  • Power Bi Desktop: A tool that allows you to create reports by accessing the data easily
  • Visibility: Providing a visual representation of the data set
  • Custom Visualization: You can customize the visual reports based on the data and the format you require
  • Power Q&A Question Box: It allows you to explore the data by asking necessary questions and getting answers in visual reports
  • Content Packs: It provides a way to share reports, datasets, and dashboards with the people in the organization. 
  • DAX Data Analysis Function: It helps data analysts to make complete use of the data set. It allows them to come up with new ways to calculate the data and get better insights.
  • Get Data (Data Source): It shows all the data connections that are available.
  • Dashboard: It is a single page that contains all the visualizations and highlights of the insight gained from the data.

To learn in detail about Power BI, read Power BI Tutorial.

You should also watch this comprehensive video tutorial:

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