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What are the Security Risks of Cloud Computing?

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Cloud Computing is used to store and access business information with the help of the internet. It allows users to easily access necessary files and use various cloud applications from anywhere using any electronic device. It is an internet-based service that provides servers, storage as well as a number of applications.

The data stored in the cloud can sometimes be critical. This can pose as a huge security risk for the business. Some of the most common security risks of cloud computing include:

  • Identity theft
  • Violation of compliance
  • Data breach
  • Malware infections
  • Reduced customer trust
  • The potential loss of revenue

To learn in detail about Cloud Computing and the security risks, you can sign up for Cloud Computing Courses. In this course, you will learn about various concepts of Cloud Computing such as CloudTrail, AWS Cloud, Lambda, and EC2.

Also, watch this Cloud Computing video tutorial:

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