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Hi Everyone,
When I have selected Windows Integrated Security on my data sources as the connection method I get login failed for user "..Anonymous..". I am assuming that it would use the service account but apparently not. As SSRS stopped using IIS from 2008 I have no idea how to fix this issue or why is it even using the anonymous... It has only been about a month since I  have started working with 2012 so not too sure what I need to modify. Screen shot is attached.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Whatever other information you need let me know.

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Basically "NTAUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON" is a built-in IIS account that is present on your report server. In general, reports are being executed from this account that serves up the page to the user.

There were a few things that you to have setup:

  • The application pool must be using an AD account which must have access to the DB.
  • Your DS has to be set up with the following information:
    • The Credentials securely stored in the report server must be selected.
    • Windows credentials should be used while connecting to the data source must be checked.
    • The authenticated user must be impersonated after a connection has been made to the data source must also be checked.

Your report will use kerberos and it will impersonate your logged on user, if you have both of these items setup

Note:  SQL must be setup for kerberos authentication.  In addition to it, your service account must be setup correctly in AD as well.

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