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I have been reading the documentation on how HyperLedger Fabric's project is implementing an open-source BlockChain solution:

I have seen that the pBFT consensus algorithm is used, but I do not understand how blocks are mined and shared among all Validating Peers in the BlockChain network.

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No, Hyperledger Validating Peers do not ming blocks and share the same amongst them. To understand this in an elaborate manner, we need to first comprehend how Hyperledger Fabric works. This is how: 

  • The transaction is sent across to a trusted Validating Peer or Validating Node. 

  • This node essentially broadcasts the transaction details to all other peers in the ledger. 

  • The pBFT algorithm is leveraged to achieve consensus. 

  • When consensus is achieved, the transaction is executed and a block is built by computing hashes primarily. 

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