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Right now I have an issue with an Excel Macro where it takes an input from the user.

Current process is: Create Instance -> Open Workbook -> Run Macro The process is stuck at "Run Macro" and is unable to be "detached" for further actions.

Any tips and tricks?

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See, the problem with using this type of code is when you're running excel VBA code, then the BluePrism will wait until the code is executed which essentially means that your process will get locked as your process will wait for VBA to finish and VBA will wait for the user.

If you  want to interact with an interface that VBA presents, then I will advise the followings:

  • Rebuild the VBA code, so that the parameters are passed from the BluePrism and so that there are no pop-up windows
  • Start the VBA code using any spying technologies - for example, create a UI button that will be clicked by BluePrism

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