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Could someone tell me whether Google Digital Unlocked certification is useful or not?

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Google Digital Unlocked is an initiative took up by Google, FICCI, and ISB to help enable the traditional marketers, and start-ups to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge in the domain, to kick-start their digital journey which is essential in today’s era of Digital Marketing. Coming to the point about Google Digital Marketing Unlocked certification’s value. Well, in a nutshell, it's just a certification, just like any other certification that you might get by completing a course. But it definitely holds value since it is from Google. You could validate your basic knowledge in Digital Marketing with this certification.

But don’t expect it to fetch you a job, that might be too much to expect from. If you have earned Google Digital Unlocked, then you might need an advanced course in Digital Marketing to help you become a qualified Digital Marketer, to improvise your job perspectives. And in this regard, I would recommend you to enroll in the Digital Marketing certification course from Intellipaat, as it provides one of the best courses in this domain to help you equip with required skillsets. Also, have a look at our YouTube video on Digital Marketing tutorial from our subject-matter experts.

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