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Could someone tell me what is the salary of Certified Cloud Security Professional in India?

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I suppose you are a Cyber Security professional, and if you are certified with CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) in India, then the mean average salary would be around INR 13,50,000 according to PayScale. And what (ISC)2 is claiming that according to their survey, the CCSP certified professionals will earn 35% more salary. Well, if you are an experienced Cyber Security professional who has experience in the cloud too, then I would recommend you a good CCSP course from Intellipaat. This course will clearly help you in acing the CCSP certification exam and this reaping its benefits.

If you are a novice in Cyber Security and would want to know more about CCSP, Enroll in Cyber Security Training and even watch the following YouTube video on CCSP Training.

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