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I've got myself an Amazon ec2 Micro Instance (A VPN Server) to play around with.

The problem is that Amazon charges you for every disc IO you do in a Micro Instance.

The instance is running Amazon Linux a flavour of CentOS.

I've started a Scala application in Play 2.0(.2) framework on the server and I'm the only one who connects to the application.

I have observed that every few second something on the server commits IO transactions, to narrow it down I installed a Linux program called iotop.

Here is output after a couple of seconds.


23333 be/4 root        0.00 B/s 11.91 K/s 0.00 %  0.00 %  

COMMAND java -Dsbt.ivy.home=/usr/play-2.0.2/framework/../repository ~/jars/slf4j-api.jar:/usr/play-2.0.2/repository/local/org.slf4j/jul-to-slf4j/1.6.4/jars/j

A cat from the log file

cat /home/ec2-user/socketTest/logs/application.log

2012-07-05 11:43:31,881 - [INFO] - from play in main

Listening for HTTP on port 9000...

So Play doesn't write anything to the log file.

The first question have I understood the iotop correct and that Play indeed is the disc IO thief.

If so why do play use IO?

My application is a simple WebSocket example. In essence it echos the input to the output. The IO occurs even thou nothing is pushed thru WebSockets.

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Providing the sample code,

$ inotifywait -r -m /opt /etc /var -e ATTRIB -e CREATE -e MODIFY -e DELETE

Setting up watches.  Beware: since -r was given, this may take a while!

Watches established.

/var/tmp/ CREATE etilqs_uOXWfa8v7DkNBgd

/var/tmp/ DELETE etilqs_uOXWfa8v7DkNBgd

/var/tmp/ MODIFY etilqs_uOXWfa8v7DkNBgd

/var/tmp/ MODIFY etilqs_uOXWfa8v7DkNBgd

/var/tmp/ MODIFY etilqs_uOXWfa8v7DkNBgd


Here replace "opt/etc/var" with your own directory.

Once you know which files are being written you are good to go to stop it.

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