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I am creating a Month table to be included in my Power Bi Dashboard as a Filter.

I create a separate table joined to the main table, but unable to select the option from the menu to Sort By Column- Greyed out.

What am I missing? I just want a filter of Months (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc) in numeric order. Can someone direct me to a good how to?

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It will be greyed out if a sort has already been specified,

  • Select the data icon and click on it.

  • Click on the column that may have a sort on it.

  • Click Clear Sort.

  • Click on another column, then click back to the column you want to sort.

  • Then Sort By Column will no longer be greyed out.

Also, enroll in Power BI course to become proficient in this BI tool and clear Power BI certification exam. 

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