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I am trying to figure out why my groupByKey is returning the following:

[(0, <pyspark.resultiterable.ResultIterable object at 0x7fc659e0a210>), (1, <pyspark.resultiterable.ResultIterable object at 0x7fc659e0a4d0>), (2, <pyspark.resultiterable.ResultIterable object at 0x7fc659e0a390>), (3, <pyspark.resultiterable.ResultIterable object at 0x7fc659e0a290>), (4, <pyspark.resultiterable.ResultIterable object at 0x7fc659e0a450>), (5, <pyspark.resultiterable.ResultIterable object at 0x7fc659e0a350>), (6, <pyspark.resultiterable.ResultIterable object at 0x7fc659e0a1d0>), (7, <pyspark.resultiterable.ResultIterable object at 0x7fc659e0a490>), (8, <pyspark.resultiterable.ResultIterable object at 0x7fc659e0a050>), (9, <pyspark.resultiterable.ResultIterable object at 0x7fc659e0a650>)]

I have flatMapped values that look like this:

[(0, u'D'), (0, u'D'), (0, u'D'), (0, u'D'), (0, u'D'), (0, u'D'), (0, u'D'), (0, u'D'), (0, u'D'), (0, u'D')]
I'm doing just a simple:

groupRDD = columnRDD.groupByKey()

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In your approach, you are getting back an object which allows you to iterate over the results. I will suggest you to turn the results of groupByKey into a list by calling list() on the values as shown in the image below:


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