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How does compiler performs better than interpreter?

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A compiler and an interpreter are both useful tools for translating code, but there are some advantages to using a compiler over an interpreter in certain situations:

  • A compiler usually produces faster running code than an interpreter because it translates the entire program into machine code before execution.

  • Compiled code can be optimized for the specific computer architecture, it will run on, which can lead to more efficient use of system resources like memory and CPU.

  •  Once a program is compiled, it can be run on any computer that has the necessary system libraries installed. 

  • Compilers can often catch errors in code before the program is executed, which can save time in the debugging process.

Overall, compilers are generally better suited for larger programs or projects where performance and efficiency are important.

If you are interested in learning about compiler and interpreter then check out the video below for more information -

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