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I created an environment with the following command:

virtualenv venv --distribute

I cannot remove it with the following command: rmvirtualenv venv - This is part of virtualenvwrapper as mentioned in an answer below for virtualenvwrapper

I do an ls on my current directory and I still see venv

The only way I can remove it seems to be: 

sudo rm -rf venv

Note that the environment is not active. I'm running Ubuntu 11.10. Any ideas? I've tried rebooting my system to no avail.

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To remove/delete a virtualenv there is no command for deleting your virtual environment. Simply deactivate it and it will be removed.

Note one thing that this process will be the same for every virtual environment regardless of what kind of virtual environment you are using. virtualenv, venv, Anaconda environment, pyenv, pipenv are all based on the same principle here.

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