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I am trying to take my input data:

A    B       C
4    blah    2
2            3
56   foo     3

And add a column to the end based on whether B is empty or not:

A    B       C     D
4    blah    2     1
2            3     0
56   foo     3     1

I can do this easily by registering the input dataframe as a temp table, then typing up a SQL query.

But I'd really like to know how to do this with just Scala methods and not having to type out a SQL query within Scala.

I've tried .withColumn, but I can't get that to do what I want.

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I tried withColumn approach and it worked. I would suggest you to go through my code given below:



In above code I added the (100, null, 5) row for testing the isNull case.


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