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Trying to mount efs on AWS EC2 instance but when Iam executing the mount command

sudo mount -t nfs4 -o vers=4.1 $(curl -s[EFS-ID].efs.[region] efs

I am getting connection time out every time.

mount.nfs4: Connection timed out

What may be the problem here?


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Follow this:

  • For your EC2 instance, create a new security group. Name it EFS Target, and leave all the rules blank
  • Create a new security group for your EFS Mount. Name it EFS Mount, and in this one add the inbound rule for NFS. Set the SOURCE for this rule to the EFS Target security group you created above. This limits EFS to only being able to connect to EC2 instances that have the EFS Mount security group assigned (See below). If you're not worried about that, you can select "Any" from the Source dropdown and it'll work just the same, without the added level of security
  • Go to the EC2 console, and add the EFS Target group to your EC2 instance, assuming you're adding the extra security
  • Go to the EFS Console, select your EFS and choose Manage File System Access
    • For each EFS Mount Target (availability zone), you need to add the EFS Mount security group and remove the VPC Default group (if you haven't already)
  • The mount command from the AWS documentation will work now

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