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UIUX Design Strategy - Job Guarantee Program

This Job Guarantee Program is specifically designed to help you master skills in UI/UX. This particular course comes with a 100% Job Guarantee, so you either get a Job within 7 months of course completion or get your money back. You will work on multiple real-life UI/UX projects including wireframing, prototyping and Interaction Design Paradigms among many others. This program will help you become an Industry-ready Certified UIUX Designer.

Only Few Seats Left 100% JOB GUARANTEE !

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Learning Format

Online Boot Camp

Live Classes

7 Months


Job Guarantee


Industry Mentors


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About Program

The program offers complete advanced certification training for those wishing to pursue a career in UI UX Design strategy. The course curriculum is designed and mentored by the top Industry Experts and is specifically designed for aspiring learners who want a career in this domain.

Key Highlights

7 Months of Live Sessions by Industry Experts
20+ Industry Projects & Case Studies
One-on-One interaction with Mentors
Build industry aligned UIUX portfolio
100% Job Guarantee within 7 Months of Course Completion
Career Services & Guaranteed Interviews by Intellipaat
24*7 Support
Soft Skills Essential Training
Dedicated Learning Management Team

Free Career Counselling

We are happy to help you 24/7

Who can apply for this Program?

  • Anyone with a Bachelor’s degree
  • Anyone in their pre-final year of Bachelor’s program
  • IT professionals with a Bachelor’s degree
  • Freshers who recently graduated
  • Anyone aspiring to pursue a career in UI/UX Design
Who can aaply

What roles can a UI/ UX Designer play?

UX Designer

A UX Designer works on a digital product’s information architecture, builds prototypes, and performs other design procedures to guarantee that the products are created with the user in mind.

UI Designer

They concentrate on visual and interactive design elements like buttons, color palettes, animation, and so on, to ensure consistent branding from a design standpoint.

Product Designer

These individuals are in charge of a product’s user experience, which is usually oriented toward corporate goals and objectives from a product management standpoint.

Visual Designer

Visual designers are involved in the aesthetics of a website, web app, or other digital designs that might improve user experience.

UX Researcher

UX Researchers conduct systematic studies on target users in order to collect and analyze data that will help in the product design process.

Interaction Designer

Interaction designers work together with other designers (UX and visual designers) to ensure that all interaction patterns are implemented correctly in a product.

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Skills to Master

UI Design

Guerilla Testing



Red routes





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Meet Your Mentors

Interested in This Program? Secure your spot now.

The application is free and takes only 5 minutes to complete.


Live Course

1.1 Fundamentals of graphics design and design basics, Core principles for visual design ( Symmetry vs Asymmetry , scale, framing, hierarchy, grids, alignment ), Branding, Types of font and choosing a font, Colour Association and colour theory.
1.2 Explorative design exercises on ( compositions, typographic experiments, colour palette creation ) to harness the skills developed from previous course

2.1 Overview of UI & UX Design
2.2 Overview of the UX Design Process
2.3 Difference between User Interface (UI) vs User Experience (UX)
2.4 Design Communication and visualizing ideas

  • Visualization Techniques
  • Mind Mapping
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Visual Identity
  • Information Visualization
  • Brand Communication
  • Visual presentation of Ideas
  • Infographics for the journeys

3.1 Empathy and understanding problems

  • How to understand a problem through user empathy.
  • The art of empathetic Problem solving

3.2 Introduction to User Research

  • Importance of User Research in UX Design
  • User research method: Surveys.
  • User research method: Contextual Inquiry
  • Identifying Appropriate Research Methods
  • Defining user research goals, objectives and questions.
  • Recruiting users
  • How to conduct interviews – best practices.
  • Introduction to focus groups and diary studies
  • Study findings and analysis – affinity analysis, modelling, decision tree diagrams and activity diagrams

3.3 Information Design, Data Visualization & Data Design

  • Understanding and reading collection of data insights, methods of collecting data, tools for collecting data,
  • Analysing data, using various data analytics tools for user experience along with heat mapping tools.
  • Data visualization and dashboard design.
  • Quantitative analysis and user research

4.1 Defining problem and vision statement

  • Persona creation – Primary and Secondary persona
  • Requirement definition
  • Creative ideation – brainstorming and ideation techniques
  • Scenarios and functionality extraction

4.2 Service Design, System Design & task flows advance

  • Understanding tasks, processes, systems; user touch points, pain points, ecosystem diagram (eco system mapping) , value proposition map, using Customer Journey Map to understand user flows, understanding task flows, creating
  • task flows, systems engineering, KPIs for efficiency in service design, systems engineering, shortest path
  • Service design in the healthcare sector, understand task flow for stakeholders and operators.

4.3 Information architecture
4.4 Task flows
4.5 Wireframe design

5.1 Design Principles for UX and UI Design

  • Heuristics & Universal Principles of HCI
  • UI Design Principles
  • Typography, Space, Layout, etc.
  • Gestalt Principles

5.2 UI Elements-Patterns
5.3 Material Design (Google) and Human Interface Design (Apple) guidelines
5.4 Interaction Principles & Interaction Behaviour
5.5 Master the Brand Platforms & Style Guides
5.6 Become familiar with comment and current UI patterns
5.7 Understand problems and design solutions for e-commerce, social media, message, data, and dashboard design

6.1 Principles of Sketching
6.2 Core Responsive Design
6.3 Wireframing vs Wireflows
6.4 Click through Wireframing Prototyping
6.5 Wireflow Creation
6.6 Work with different tools – Figma (Detailed)

7.1 Omnichannel experience design

  • Designing for various experiences like mobile, web, wearable, cloud, customer
  • service and offline touchpoints.
  • Designing multi channel product ecosystems and design,omni channel interaction patterns.

7.2 Inclusive Design and Designing for Accessibility
7.3 Building High-Fidelity Mockups
7.4 Designing Efficiently with Tools
7.5 Interaction Patterns
7.6 Designing animations and interactions
7.7 Gamification in UX and Product Design

  • What is gamification? examples of it?
  • Importance and benifits of gamification?
  • Why do we use/do gamification of a product?
  • what is intrinsic rewards and extrinsic rewards, whats better motivator?
  • What are different behaviour models, explain Foggs Behavioral model(motivation, ability and trigger) ?
  • Types of gamification (Structural Gamification, Content based gamification)

8.1 Building a Design System(Design system in details) – Style guides, color palette, fonts, grid, iconography, UI elements, photography or imagery, and illustration
8.2 Use of grids in UI design
8.3 Design animations and interaction patterns for key UI elements

9.1 Type of usability evaluation – Qualitative & Quantitative evaluation.
Guerilla testing , A/B Testing, Unmoderated remote usability testing,
Card sorting, Session recording, think aloud
9.2 Think aloud – Introduction and advantages
9.3 Designing evaluation protocol
9.4 Conducting usability evaluation study
9.5 Conduct Usability Test explicit
9.6 Synthesize your Test Findings
9.7 UX practices in corporate World

10.1 Understand how to collaborate and communicate with Developers
10.2 Scripting Languages – HTML, CSS
10.3 Prepare for handing off designs
10.4 How to effectively present your ideas
10.5 Receiving and giving Feedback

11.1 Types of products & solutions
11.2 Design Psychology for e-commerce sites
11.3 Design Thinking Life Cycle
11.4 UX Design for futuristic technologies

  • Working for futuristic technology like Voice UX, AR/VR UX, Conversational UX

12.1 Create a mobile application design to book the airline tickets or hotels.
12.2 Create a website application design for both desktop and mobile view so that interested students can enroll to their desired course

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Program Highlights

Live Session across 7 months
100% Job Guarantee
20+ Industry Projects & Case Studies
24*7 Support

Interested in This Program? Secure your spot now.

The application is free and takes only 5 minutes to complete.


The industry-based projects are an essential component of the UX UI Design program, which puts everything you’ve studied together and educates you to apply it hands-on.


4.8 ( 2,168 )

Hear From Our Hiring Partners

Career Services By Intellipaat

Career Services

Career-Oriented Sessions

Throughout the course

Over 20+ live interactive sessions with an industry-expert to gain knowledge and experience on how to build skills that are expected by hiring managers. These will be guided sessions that will help you stay on track with your upskilling objective.

Resume & LinkedIn Profile Building

After 70% of course completion

Get assistance in creating a world-class resume & Linkedin Profile from our career services team and learn how to grab the attention of the hiring manager at the profile shortlisting stage.

Mock Interview Preparation

After 80% of the course completion

Students will go through a number of mock interviews conducted by technical experts who will then offer tips and constructive feedback for reference and improvement.

1 on 1 Career Mentoring Sessions

After 90% of the course completion

Attend one-on-one sessions with career mentors on how to develop the required skills and attitude to secure a dream job based on a learner’s educational background, past experience, and future career aspirations.

100% Job Guarantee

Within 7 Months of Course Completion

Get a 100% job guarantee with this unique program. You will be working on real-world capstone projects to build a strong project portfolio. Get interviewed by our 400+ hiring partners.

Access to Intellipaat Job Portal

For 6 Months after Course Completion

Exclusive access to our dedicated job portal to apply for jobs. More than 400 hiring partners, including leading startups and product companies, are hiring our learners. Mentored support on job search and relevant jobs for your career growth

Our Alumni Works At

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Peer Learning

Via Intellipaat PeerChat, you can interact with your peers across all classes and batches and even our alumni. Collaborate on projects, share job referrals & interview experiences, compete with the best, make new friends – the possibilities are endless and our community has something for everyone!


Admission Details

The application process consists of three simple steps. An offer of admission will be made to selected candidates based on the feedback from the interview panel. The selected candidates will be notified over email and phone, and they can block their seats through the payment of the admission fee.

Submit Application

Submit Application

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to join this program

Application Review

Application Review

An admission panel will shortlist candidates based on their application


Application Review

Selected candidates will be notified within 1–2 weeks

Program Fee

Total Admission Fee

$ 1,579

Program Cohorts

Next Cohorts

Date Time Batch Type
Program Induction 2nd Apr 2023 08:00 - 11:00 PM IST Weekend (Sat-Sun)
Regular Classes 2nd Apr 2023 08:00 - 11:00 PM IST Weekend (Sat-Sun)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from this program?

Intellipaat’s job guarantee Program in UI/UX has a structured learning path specially designed by industry experts, which ensures that you can become a successful UIUX designer. If you want to learn UI/UX online, then this program is for you. You will also receive expert training and a 100% job guarantee with this program.

No coding is required in UI/UX design. Aspirants with any skill and educational background can learn UI/UX design.

A good UI/UX professional is one who has strong skills in design thinking, an understanding of aesthetics and color palette, good user experience research, and a strong understanding of the user interface. Considering these, the course has been designed to help you gain all the skills necessary in the UI and UX design domain.

In UI design, user interfaces are designed for sites, software, applications, and more. In UX design, the user experience is enhanced by improving the usability, desirability, and usefulness of the site or product. UX design is used for tangible and digital products and UI design is used for digital sites or products only. In brief, UI focuses on aesthetics and UX focuses on usefulness.

On the completion of all the required assignments, case studies, quizzes, and project work you will graduate from the course and you will receive your certification.

All the students who have enrolled for this Job Guarantee program and completed the course along with passing the Placement Readiness Test, are eligible to avail of the career services offered by Intellipaat. The career services are provided to the students for a period of 7 months. However, if the student is unable to secure a job within these 7 months, he/she can raise a request for a refund. Refund of the fees will be done within 30 days from the date of the request raised excluding taxes.

The following are the steps involved in the application process for this Job Guarantee program:

  • As the first step, the candidate is required to fill out the application form for the program.
  • Upon receipt of the application form, our career counselor will reach out to the candidate and understand their profile.
  • Once the profile gets shortlisted, the candidate will be offered admission to this Job Guarantee program.
  • On receiving the offer, the candidate can pay the fee amount and confirm his/her seat.

This is a job Guarantee program and hence, we only allow the candidates where we feel that we can help them to grow professionally in their career and we expect the candidates to be 100% committed to it. There is no refund applicable to this course.

All the sessions at Intellipaat are recorded and will be available to the learners within 12 hrs after the session. If by any circumstance, you missed the live class, you can go through the recordings. Also, if you need any support, you will have access to the 24*7 technical support for any sort of query resolution.

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What is included in this course?

  • Non-biased career guidance
  • Counselling based on your skills and preference
  • No repetitive calls, only as per convenience
  • Rigorous curriculum designed by industry experts
  • Complete this program while you work

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