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7 Reasons You Must Switch Career to Big Data Now

7 Reasons You Must Switch Career to Big Data Now

Big Data has got a lot of young professionals excited about the sterling career prospects and rightly so due to the sheer promise that this new domain holds. Getting a foothold in this exciting arena can take your career places, for sure. First let’s put things into perspective about Big Data. Read on.

These nuggets of information will convince you of the preponderance and inevitability of Big Data:

  • Data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009 – wikibon
  • Bad data or poor data quality costs US businesses $600 billion annually – TDWI

According to TechCrunch study, we shall see an overwhelming proliferation of smartphones in the near future and it is estimated that we will have over 6 Billion of them by 2020. Also, did you know that by improving the data accessibility by a mere 10% can raise the bottom line of a Fortune 1000 company by as much as $65 million! Here is another eye opener – today only about 0.5% of the data at our disposal is every analyzed or utilized according to research from MIT Technology Review. So just imagine the potential of what we can do with Big Data in the near future.

Seven reasons why you should switch over to a career in Big Data now:

1. Big Shortage of Skilled Professionals

As per a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC) there is a serious shortage of skilled workforce in the Big Data sphere. People with deep analytical expertise will be needed to the tune of 181,000 by 2018 and the need for people with skills in data management and interpretation could be five times this number, as per this IDC Report.

It would be prudent to expect that the Big Data market would be worth at least $46.34 billion by 2018 since that is what IDC has forecast. There will be huge upside in the various related fields of Big Data like software, services and infrastructure in the next five years. The rate at which Hadoop will grow will also be quite astounding.

2. The Massive IoT is just around the corner

The Internet of Things is on the cusp of a major boom. IoT is the set of devices, sensors, objects and all kinds of things that will be connected to the Internet in the grand scheme of things. There will be a lot of machine to machine data exchange in the not so distant future.

So it would be safe to say that the data of future would not be limited to the spreadsheet data that we are so used to. There will be all kinds of data and all this needs processing and analyzing capabilities on an unprecedented scale. Most of this data will be unstructured or semi-structured at best and there is an urgent need of technologies and skills to make sense of it all.

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

3. Great Online Training and Certification Courses

The best part of making a switchover to a Big Data career is that you don’t have to rely on the burgeoning and exorbitantly priced degrees from legacy educational institutions. The Online Training and e-learning portals are doing a wonderful job of truly democratizing education and ushering in a revolution on the grandest of scales.

Intellipaat is pioneer in providing Big Data and Hadoop Online Training. Learn more about Big data and Hadoop Training

You have the option of learning by enrolling in a self-paced training course wherein you have access to some of the best Tutorial materials, course content, videos and even one-on-one sessions with the trainers if and when the need arises for doubt clearance. Moreover it’s a lifelong learning solution where you will be paying only one-time and get access for lifetime with free upgrade of videos and future releases of tools. Another option is of online instructor-led training wherein you attend classes online and interact with the trainers in real-time.

Want to know more about Big Data, enroll in this Big Data Hadoop Course in Bangalore to learn from the industry experts.

4. Big Data equals Big Money

This is a no-brainer – Big Data means big bucks. For the professionals with the right skills, the salary can go through the roof and there is always another competing organization that is ready to top the already exorbitant salary that Big Data professional is earning.

According to a salary survey from O’Reilly Media it has been proven that Big Data sits at the very top of the salary ladder. The job search portal Indeed says that the average salary that a Big Data professional can command is about $114,000 per annum!

5. Rapid Growth in Career

With Big Data growing at such a torrid pace how could your Big Data career possibly grow any slower? The trick for Big Data professionals is to learn and get trained in the next big thing in Big Data. This could be a new technology or a process that is finding much favour among the giants in the Big Data sphere like Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and the ilk.

In the field of Big Data, the professionals who show much promise can expect rapid promotions, blitzkrieg career growth and with the upshot of bigger pay packages and more responsibilities. Learning-unlearning-relearning never stops in this domain and those who are game to such a scenario can expect big upsides in their careers.

6. Job Satisfaction: Never a dull moment at office

The job of Big Data professionals might look like any other nine-to-five job for the uninitiated but those working in this domain know better. Merit wins big time in this field and you need to explore ways to add value to the company that you are working with in hitherto unheard ways. The technology can do only so much but it is the sheer human ingenuity that adds the ultimate value and improves the revenue and profits of any organizations. Expect a lot of unguided exploration, exciting discoveries, newer ways of doing things and ‘aha moments’ at your office if you are in this promising Big Data field.

7. Vast Field with Big Job Opportunities

In the world of Big Data we are presently playing on a chessboard so big we are not able to see the entire board. Hadoop is just the tip of the iceberg. Expect newer technologies to come real thick and fast. Also organizations regardless of their industries need professionals with diverse skills sets. Here are some of the job titles that companies are looking out for:

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