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With the inclusion of the Hadoop technology in Retail, retail marketing took a turning point towards its mastery.  Understanding the status of each product in their brand,  their demand in the market, marketing strategies to be followed, profit, loss, the reason behind the loss, the ways that can compensate the loss, all these became transparent since Hadoop has started visualizing them.

Retail is a process of selling goods and services to customers by understanding their needs thus promoting the products and offering a better shopping experience for the customers. The traditional retail management  idea and concept followed by the retailers is to have a detailed research of selling the goods to customers with full profit and to keep on increasing the quantity of customers wanting their retail services more and more.

hadoop in retail selling

Retailers spend more on decorating their shops so that people likes spending time in their shop while shopping. Analytics is something the retailers need to understand more because the most important thing in their business is to have an idea what customers want to buy.

Hadoop is still new to the technology industry but has made a huge difference in its contribution in the world of retail. Apache Hadoop came as a hope of light to the retailer’s professional life. It became an eliminator of slow growth, less customer and low-profit sales. Since technology has converted shopping in stores into shopping from home, this lets the retailers breed their retail market more and more. Hadoop segmented the customers and made a transparent idea for the retailers to find out the customer’s wish list and prepare themselves accordingly. From the information obtained from Hadoop’s Analytics, the retailers publish their blogs, posts in the social media about the products they have to be sold in the market. Seeing the posts matches with their search, customers get interacted to the retailers either online or in store. By digital marketing, even bricks and mortar business has been able to reach the height.

Using Hadoop, a single data can be accessed for a multiple number of times . This multiple accessing of the data allows the retailers to respond to multiple customers at the same time simultaneously. Since the Hadoop Technology runs in lesser cost so the services obtained from  the Hadoop technology are also cheaper. Hence, retailers need not invest a large amount of money to manage their marketing and customer strategies. When data of the retailers are added  to Hadoop, their value increases since it becomes reliable and no loss occur. These are the reasons why retailers are always excited to work with the Hadoop technology.

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

Retailers used to bring the traffic to their shops through campaigns online as well as offline. But the responses of the audience have not been always positive towards those solid efforts of the retailers. It is Hadoop that is able to tie in the retailer data and the behavior of the audiences in social media, which let the retailers know about which type of customers  response to what type of ads and at what particular time. Ones the clear picture of the type of ads and their perfect time to be scheduled is known, retailers can handily get hold of  their patrons and organize a steadfast customer structure.

Traditionally presumption was the only tool to the business strategies in  retailer services.  Success rates, sales , loss, etc. were assumed with a reference which never succeeded to give accurate consequences.  With the inclusion of Hadoop technology, inspection of all the overwhelmed retail data and its storage and rigorous authority became wholly absolute and also concentration to each and every customer solely and their purchases turned into conceivable. Hadoop has been offering the retailers with advertisement including below the line ads to highly commercial ads with a cheaper budget and limited time. Analyzing the products, its sellers and its buyers all  became easy steps with Apache Hadoop.

Through Use Cases of Data Analytics in Formula One Racing blog, know how Data Analytics is being used.

Hadoop flips through the entire social media to treasure trove the feedback and customer contentment so that retailers  can coordinate their campaigns and approach to their marketing field lucratively.

Hadoop allowed smartphone users to find shops and restaurants etc. near their location. This contribution of Hadoop is a  great gift for both users and retailers as well.

hadoop for customer data

Hadoop technology can store data that may belong to ages, allowing retailers to understand what products and updates the customers are actually looking for hence, making a path for proper regulation of each and every singular customer and the quality and price of the product they are viewing for. Hadoop gives so much clue and intelligence about the customer’s needs and requirements that it becomes complacent for the retailers to handle them when coming to their store and give the customers a great shopping experience . Hence, retailers enjoy a  successful business wisdom using Apache Hadoop Technology.

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