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All our Courses covers 70% Hands on Exercises with Project Work

All our Courses covers 70% Hands on Exercises with Project Work


Mr. Diwakar Chittora, Founder & CEO, Intellipaat.com shares his views with Technuter.com:

Would you please give a brief introduction on Intellipaat.com and the various services it offers?

Intellipaat is into training business and has 3 departments – e-learning, online and corporate training. We were one of the first players in India who started concept of hadoop online training concept and currently we are among the leaders in providing big data hadoop and business Intelligence training across the globe.

Intellipaat has 36 e-learning courses ranging from Bigdata, Business Intelligence, Data Science, application development domains and soon we will be adding 15 more courses this month. We have almost every training course on Bigdata and Business Intelligence technology.

We started e-learning department 9 months ago and have seen tremendous response from all our learners. Our Lifetime 24*7 access and on demand support provides learners a comfort level that they are not alone in their journey of career enhancement and we are with them always!

Our entire e-learning courses are within the reach of all the professional starting as low as Rs 3400 to max Rs 10000/- inclusive of taxes with lifetime access and 24/7 on demand support.

We have trained more than 500 professionals of Ericsson, Genpact, TCS and many other organizations only in Hadoop & Big data and trained more than 15K professionals across the globe in all segments last year.

When and how the idea of Intellipaat.com flourished?

Both Shilpi(Co-Founder)& I share the same thought of giving back to society what we have learnt; what can be better place to fulfill this thought than opening up a training company. I personally trained more than 30 corporates and +500 students across the globe including many CEOs of the companies on niche technologies.

As an IT Professional you have to always be on your toes to pick up new technology and create a unique skillset can help in enhancing your career professionally and also many a times you have to work on new technology projects where there is hardly any training available or if available it will cost in lakhs.

It was in 2011 and we (Shilpi & I) were looking for new technologies to upgrade our skills on Big data & Hadoop and had to struggle a lot to find the right training institute and when found it was asking for 55 K per person and course content were very basic and no support is provided after training is over. We later decided to find someone who is working consultant and can help us to gain advance knowledge. We spoke to our friends if they know anyone and didn’t find any such person.

This made us to think if we can solve this problem as almost all IT professionals are struggling with this problem.

In July 2011, we started Intellipaat with simple objective of providing High end technology training at affordable prices with support for doubt clearance and till now it was a great journey with +40 Clients, +100 courses and + 2 lakhs user base across the globe in small time.

What are the biggest challenges you faced at the time of starting Intellipaat.com?

Startup journey is a Roller costar ride. Every day was full of challenge and learning. From day 1 your journey is adventurous as you are the owner of everything from peon work to CEO work. You have to build your team and make them believe that your idea has great success.

I am from technology background so it was easy for me to identify right trainer but at the same time when it comes to sales and Marketing I am novice. I spoke to my friends who were in different domains and read books and that how started the all learning and setting up of an organization.

Building the right team is one of the biggest challenge I faced and still facing and keep looking out for right candidates to join us.

How is Intellipaat.com different from others?

There are many e-learning companies which provides similar courses but they only cover very basic content and maximum a learner learns is “Hello World “program.

All our courses covers contains 70% hands on exercises with project work. Our 24*7 lifetime access and support along with affordable pricing clearly stand us out from other e-learning companies.

What are modes of online training? Did you provide course materials?

Our e-learning courses provides in depth knowledge, Lifetime 24* 7 Support and access with 70% of training hands on makes our courses unique from everyone and most important of all is the price is in the range of Rs 3000 – Rs 11000 which is affordable by everyone.

Key features of our courses:

  1. In-depth training
  2. 70% of Course Content focused on Hands on exposure
  3. 24*7 Lifetime support & Access
  4. Project work and Quiz
  5. Free Upgrade of courses whenever new feature launched so that learners don’t have to extra

In your online training, what is the percentage of Theories and Practical or Examples?

Thrust is more on practical and assignments. Videos provide good understanding of technology and make him try and solve assignments. A course that has Theory of 100 hours will have practical assignments and quiz of minimum 90 hours.

How many teachers are involved in 1 course? Can you please tell us their teaching methods?

 Our courses are designed by Subject matter experts and domain experts. It takes team of Instructional designer, Domain experts, QA, video production team. We do a beta launch and then course is launched for learners.

How enterprises see big data analytics changing the competitive landscape next year?

 Analytics assists companies in analyzing the recorded data, which further plays a pivotal role in framing business policies, taking major decisions and knowing the insights of the company’s operations. Besides this, it also aids organizations in recognizing the shortcomings or gaps in the company and taking appropriate steps to shoot up the revenue graph and reduce the costs incurred.

 With companies embracing this new technology, a huge demand has been generated for professionals who can work with the upgraded technology. This has increased the competition level among job aspirants, urging them to opt for ‘Analytics’ courses to enhance their skills. 

Would you please reflect upon your clientele in India?

Intellipaat has +40 corporate clients in India and abroad and with userbase of 150000 learners across the globe. Major Clients are – Ericsson, Wipro, CTS , TCS, etc.

What constitutes your key market strategy in India?

There is a high potential in training as everyone wants to enhance their career and reach heights of success. We provide free sample videos and focus and take learner feedback very seriously. 78% of our learner enrollment is from referrals.

Please tell us, your corporate tie-up with Online portals for corporate training in Data Analytics

 We have lot of alliance partners these are Online Market Places, Rich content sites. We are always open to alliances with online portals that can enable us to reach to a student or professional. We work on different revenue models with alliance partners.

How Online training hub are becoming new way of learning?

 With real-time support, online simulations to crack certification and huge content designed to enhance skills e-learning is becoming the first choice. One can decide time, device and location at will.  E-learning saves time both time and money.

Your overall experience and satisfaction with Intellipaat.com

Learner’s Feedback about Intellipaat.com

  1. Really well prepared course: clear presentations, good speakers, everything is professionally done. Great lessons for beginning with Hadoop Architect
  1. Surajit Sen- Works at Wipro

This Hadoop training is going excellent and really appreciate for Trainer’s in-depth subject knowledge and his taking effort to address every individuals issues/queries.

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