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Big Data Hadoop Architect Learning Path Explored!

Big Data Hadoop Architect Learning Path Explored!

Ever since the explosion of Big Data, Hadoop professionals who have knowledge to work around big technologies are in huge demand. They earn a huge salary of about $1,00,000 to $1,72,000 a year. They are the personnel who are responsible for designing high-end Big Data systems and looking after the deployment of Hadoop applications. If you are keen to work in this domain then you need to familiarize yourself with all the requirements of the IT industry.
Companies are often in need of a Big Data Architect who can handle the lifecycle of a Hadoop application. This involves handling platform selection, requirement analysis, testing, design of technical architecture and finally the deployment of the proposed solution.

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Why Hadoop is being hailed by most of the technocrats?

Open source solutions like Hadoop dominate the arena when it comes to working on Big Data. It shouldn’t be surprising if Hadoop is continually used for many years to come by big multinationals. Experts forecast that Hadoop market is set to cross $16 billion by 2020. Data storage was a big issue with companies using traditional RDBMS. Hadoop has HDFS storage made up of clusters of cheap commodity server hardware. The data that is stored is replicated across many regions ensuring availability. It is one of the reasons why it became widely popular.

What are the skills required to shine as a Big Data Hadoop Architect?

You should be well grounded in all concepts of data mining and data analysis. The following is a list of required skills :

  • Expertise in analytics frameworks like Hadoop, Spark.
  • Should be able to implement cloud computing, NoSQL and MapReduce.
  • Robust hands-on experience in big concepts like Pig, Hive, Impala.
  • Strong knowledge of concepts like Oozie, Hue, Flume and also Zookeeper.
  • Should be well verse with roles and responsibilities of Hadoop professional

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How can you become a Big Data Architect?

Big Data field is very vast and diverse and to have a grip on it you need competent training to understand all the concepts of the subject. There should be a world renowned certification which can add value to the training you have received.

Intellipaat’s Big Data Hadoop training will give you a 360 degree view of Hadoop technology. The training is provided for Hadoop testing, admin, architect,and also developer. We are training our learners to be able to work in four roles from a single course. The four roles include Hadoop developer, Hadoop administrator, Hadoop analyst and Hadoop testing domains. The program is designed to address industry requirements and the training will be in line with it. The duration of instructor-led training is about 50 hours, self-paced video is 70 hours, exercises and project work is 90 hours. Knowledge of basics on SQL, UNIX and java is preferable although not necessary. It is for this reason that we provide free Java and Linux courses for this Hadoop course so that our learners can gain ground in learning Big Data.. Keep in mind that you will get an IBM certification upon successfully completing the course along with course completion certificate from us. Intellipaat prides itself as the only institute providing IBM certification.

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

About the course

We provide a detailed explanation of Hadoop components like HDFS and MapReduce. We inform as to how Hadoop thrives in the Big Data industry. The description on the importance of Hadoop mentioned before is only a sample of it. It includes concepts of HDFS like block size, replications, secondary namenode. There is also YARN concepts like Node Manager, Resource Manager, how 1.x differs from 2.x.

Hadoop installation will be taught on its 2.x version. A learner obviously is helped by the training faculty in installation. You’ll get to work on MapReduce, lab exercises and problem solving in graphs. A thorough understanding of Pig in terms of data analysis, multi-dataset operations, complex data processing will be provided. You get to work on real data sets involving case studies such as Walmart and Electronic Arts because our training is industry oriented.

You will be grounded on Hive’s implementation in relational data analysis, data management, and optimization. Doing this will provide you hands-on experience as you work on large data sets and extensive querying. You’ll know how working with user defined queries is and also about different methods to do performance tuning. How Impala is different from Pig, Hive and relational databases and limitations of using it will be provided. Using Impala shell and choosing the best among Hive, Pig and Impala considering various factors will be taught. Using Impala and Hive, managing and modeling data is taught which involves creating databases and tables, loading them and so on. You’ll be introduced to HBase and NoSQL world.

The need for spark and how it is used with HDFS along with Spark components, graph analysis, machine learning and common spark algorithms. The learner can on his own write Spark applications using Java, Python and Scala. Detailed Zookeeper concepts along with responsibilities of a Hadoop professional will be elucidated. You’ll get to unit test using OOZIE and there is also a test plan strategy to learn.

Unlike other institutes our relationship with the learners is for life. The learner is entitled to approach the Intellipaat’s support team in case he has a doubt in his course throughout life. It is another matter that our support team doesn’t get much resolution requests because our faculty’s training is so thorough. There are exceptions of course of those enrollers who skip a class, who are very naive in technical knowledge who contact out support team. But even in these cases we provide solid support to the learners. As technologies keep upgrading rapidly we feel obliged to deliver those updates to our learners without bothering them about further payment.

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