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Cassandra Online Training
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Apache Cassandra is an open source, non relational database management system, designed to handle large amounts of data and offers continuous availability, linear scale performance and easy data distribution across multiple data centers and cloud services. With the evolution of big data, effectively analyzing and storing the huge volumes of data using the traditional RDMS and SQL systems has become outdated. The need for very low levels of latency, previously unknown levels of scale, global distribution of data, continuous availability and reducing operational and software costs have given rise to non relational database category. Although Apache Cassandra provides a feasible solution for handling these non relational databases, the deficit in the number of trained professionals in the application is dwarfing its usability. Cassandra online training alleviates this issue.

Key features

  • Massive scalability- linear increase in read and write throughput ,as new nodes are added, with no break off in applications
  • Active all around design- all nodes can be written to and read from, allowing addition and access anywhere in the world
  • Distributed architecture- data distributed in the cluster with each node in the cluster having the same role, hence no single point of failure
  • Easy fault detection and recovery- nodes that undergo failure can be easily detected and replaced or restored.
  • CQL(Cassandra query language)- an SQL like language, which facilitates easy transition from a relational database
  • MapReduce support- has Hadoop integration along with MapReduce support

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

Advantage over traditional RDBMS

Data velocity Can handle low to medium data velocity Handles high data velocity
Data Structure Manage only primarily structured data Can manage all types of data(NoSQL)
Point of Failure Has a single point of failure No single point of failure and has constant uptime
Data Volume Supports moderate data volume Supports large volumes of data
Data Source Data coming from only one or few locations Data sources are multiple and often a large number

The Cassandra Edge

A look at the fields where Cassandra holds a distinct advantage over any other DBMS

  • IOT applications– As it can handle high data velocity, it is best suited for IOT applications for consuming lots of fast incoming data from sensors and similar mechanisms present at different locations.
  • Retail Applications and product catalogs-Retailers that require dependable shopping cart protection and fast catalog inputs and searches, use Cassandra as the preferred DBMS.
  • Messaging and mobile phone- Various mobile apps and messaging service providers employ Cassandra as their database backbone.
  • Monitoring User Activity- Most entertainment and media companies use Cassandra to monitor and track the user interaction with their movies, music and other applications.
  • Analytics and recommendation on Social media- Many online companies and social media websites use Cassandra to consume and analyze data in order to provide analysis and recommendations to its customers and users.

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Benefits of online Cassandra training

Over the course of the years the internet has enabled professionals to enhance their skill set with minimal difficulty. This is one of the crucial motivations behind professionals opting for online Cassandra training. A few benefits of online Cassandra training are

  • Cassandra’s immense popularity and the gap in demand and supply make it an ideal skill to possess.
  • With online training students can learn not only through textual material but also through interactive multimedia sessions.
  • Online training is significantly cheaper
  • Can be carried out at flexible timings
  • No venue constraint

Choice of websites for online training

As is the case with most online courses not all institutes offering Cassandra training might be genuine or up to required standards. Hence choice of website should be done with utmost care and adequate research. The choice should be done based on whether the website offers Latest course content and proper methodology of imparting training which primarily includes

  • In depth knowledge of course
  • Life time access
  • Round the clock support
  • Job assistance

The main role of a certified Apache Cassandra architect is to deliver scalable, responsive accurate solutions on the Big Data ecosystem. With the booming scope for big data analytics, a professional certified in Apache Cassandra would stand out in today’s competitive job market and broaden their employment opportunities and result in a higher paying potential. The average salary for a well trained and competent Cassandra architect is estimated to be around $147,811.A certification in Apache Cassandra would help a professional with career progression.

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