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Cassandra Online Training- Pros of an online program
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With the advent of technology, internet is now abuzz with activity. There are millions of users accessing the net at any given time across the globe. The online activity is tremendous and the volume of data being shared is even more staggering. Multitude of files ranging in types from multimedia to XML to simple emails and sizes from a few KBs to entire GBs are roaming the server spaces. These voluminous files are known are big data in internet jargon. Due to this big data cluttering the space on the global servers, administrators are now faced with the problem of data management and structuring as this huge amount of data makes the existing database management systems like RDBMS and SQL obsolete. These systems, while efficient enough to handle the data volumes just a few years back, are today nowhere near sufficient enough due to huge upsurge in data being exchanged. This has led to the development of Cassandra, a storage and management solution for big data.

Cassandra is basically a database management system that utilizes the multiple nodes on a network and uses each one of them as storage and computing units. This increases the capacity of the systems as there are multiple points of replication and the downtime is virtually nonexistent in case of a failure. With Cassandra making it big in just a short time of its introduction, organizations with voluminous data to be handled are now on the lookout for experts who can manage their system through the use of this wonder of technology.

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

It is precisely this reason that there has been a huge demand of Cassandra training. With the software being relatively new, there are very few experts currently available who can handle it and use it to perfection. Consequently, professionals, sensing an opportunity at hand, are rushing forward to acquire certified Cassandra training. However, the problem arises with the schedules of these training classes. The experts being an elite few and geographically separated from the aspiring learners, it is not possible to acquire the training at every location. But this problem is solved with the introduction of numerous online Cassandra training programmes. What these Cassandra online training programmes accomplish is the elimination of the geographical and time constraints affording professionals to pick a course for their requirement and suited to their limitations.

Intellipaat online hadoop  training provides a trainee a chance to learn at the hands of an expert of the technology. An important part of a Cassandra training programme is real time problem solution and doubt clearance. This aspect is also integrated in these online Cassandra training courses and the candidates are given a chance to chat live with professionals on any matter related to the course. Complete with 24 hour hotlines and interactive chat sessions, learning is also enhanced through demonstrative multimedia files and a hands-down approach towards the subject matter. Trainees are also encouraged to learn the intricacies of the software through hit and trial and master the technique using practical examples and environments to run it.

Want to know more about the benefits of acquiring Cassandra training? Read our blog at Cassandra Training – A new Revolution.

These online Cassandra training websites bring a sliver of hope for those professionals who have busy schedules and can’t afford the time required for attending hours of training sessions. With one of these Cassandra training programmes, one can develop a strong knowledge of the software and widen their prospects a great deal.

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