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I work as a consultant with CoreView Systems, Pune, India; I had worked with Symantec Storage earlier for 15 years.

The entire HADOOP, NOSQL and DATA SCIENCE portfolios are well tailored by Intellipaat.

These courses are in great depth.  The project assignments in the courses are quite upto industry standard and bring you at par with a professional.

The Data Science course: This course provides a good platform in the ocean of Data Science and Analytics. I recommend this course to all engineers working into BIG DATA, who want to go for Data Science as a primary career or want to develop solutions around it.

Learn new Technologies

HADOOP ARCHITECTURE: This combo course is a well carved out course, it covers a good amount of related topics in detail and with good practical examples. It brings you into the driving seat of a HADOOP professional with 4 years relevant experience.


Vikrant Latkar

Course Schedule

Name Date
Data Analytics Courses 2021-11-27 2021-11-28
(Sat-Sun) Weekend batch
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Data Analytics Courses 2021-12-04 2021-12-05
(Sat-Sun) Weekend batch
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Data Analytics Courses 2021-12-11 2021-12-12
(Sat-Sun) Weekend batch
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