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How to Build Your Resume to Grab Your Dream Job?

How to Build Your Resume to Grab Your Dream Job?

Your resume is your first step towards getting your dream job so you need to treat it that way. So in this blog post we will be concentrating on some of the most important aspects of an impactful resume. This will help you to understand what are things that you need to consider while building your power-packed resume. Read on to find out now.

Grammar, Spelling & Language

So many candidates underestimate the importance of language, grammar and spelling. There are recruiters who would discard a resume if there is a single spelling mistake in it. So you need to double check that your resume is top-notch when it comes to using the right language, punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Be Precise and Concise

Today’s recruiters are perennially short of time. You have less than 30 seconds to impress your recruiter. So you need to include the most important parts of your resume at the very beginning. Start with a powerful line or an impactful statement in order to grab the attention of the interviewer. Keep your sentences short, crisp, and full of meaning.

Make use of Action Words

These are words that signify an action and portray you as a doer rather than just a thinker. Use words like these, “Led–Managed–Headed –Operated – Chaired–Orchestrated–Planned–Organized” and so on in order to make the recruiter sit up and take notice.

Every domain or technology has a certain set of skills that every recruiter is looking for when skimming through resumes. Do make sure to include these keywords or popular skills that the recruiter is assuming to be present in your resume. It could be regarding your programming skills, administration, project management, driving a team forward, agile methodology, and so on.

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Mention your Accomplishments

This is where you get to show the interviewer that you are suitable for the job that you are applying for. So you need to pay special attention while listing your accomplishment. Make sure that your accomplishments are line with the organization is seeking. Your most important accomplishment should be listed first and then the next ones follow depending on the order of importance.


Express in a Professional way

Every industry has its jargon and ways of expressing yourself in your resume. So pay special care to adhere to these industrial professional ways of writing your resume. Let your language be business language, keep it objective rather than subjective, make things clear without leaving any room for ambiguity.

Use Numbers to your Advantage

In a text heavy resume you might be surprised to know how much numbers stand out from the rest of your content. So use that to your advantage. When it comes to experience, the percentage growth that you helped your previous organizations achieve let and so on; it be in numbers. It creates a huge positive impact on your overall prospects of getting your dream job.

Talk about your Soft Skills

You might be surprised that today more and more organizations are looking for candidates that have the right set of soft skills in order to blend in with the team and drive the organization forward. It could be about being extrovert, your communication skills, being optimistic, reading habits, ability to motivate others, leading a team or being an active member of a team, having an eye on the big picture and so on that helps the organization in more ways than one.


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