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Intellipaat – At the Forefront of Bridging the Technology Skills Gap!

Intellipaat – At the Forefront of Bridging the Technology Skills Gap!

“There’s one investment that supersedes all others: invest in yourself”Warren Buffet

This powerful statement gains an even powerful significance since it is being said by none other than the greatest investor in the world – Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

Ever since Intellipaat was started in 2011, it has been on a lofty mission of ensuring the technology skills gap that has been hobbling the corporate world and the economy, in general is steadily bridged. This is one of the reasons Intellipaat is one of the few online professional training institutes that is offering training courses in over 150 tools and technologies giving young professionals and college graduates a very wide opportunity to learn the technology of their choice and pursue their dream career.


In a country like India every year we are seeing over one and half million engineering graduates coming out of various universities but only 7% of this lot is actually capable of handling core engineering tasks like software development. So there is a serious shortage of talented, skilled, and trained individuals to take on hugely challenging job roles and responsibilities.

Intellipaat is committed to changing this for good. Today the technology landscape is so volatile that there are new technologies that are coming thick and fast and enterprises are incorporating these technologies at an even faster rate. So due to this, there is a huge shortage of technology professionals who can take up challenging and hugely rewarding job roles and responsibilities.

Regardless of what you want to learn which could be Big Data Hadoop, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Salesforce, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Database Administration, and more. Plus Intellipaat is offering a huge number of tools and technologies that are at the cutting-edge of businesses like Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, and more.

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Reasons why Intellipaat is at the forefront of online professional training:

  • The widest range of training course subjects available
  • Highly flexible and multiple ways of training for your benefit
  • Projects are chosen with care to fully reflect industry needs
  • Quizzes and assignments are strict and rigorous to test your skills
  • Strong focus on career development and getting to be job-ready
  • Skill validation techniques are one of a kind
  • 24/7 support, lifetime access to courses & videos,
  • Free upgrade to the latest technology and training
  • Query resolution within 24 hours
  • Training equivalent to six months of industry experience
  • Free counseling both pre and post-training
  • Job assistance and placement thanks to tie-ups with 100+ corporate houses

These are some reasons why Intellipaat is one of India’s top online training institutes that is changing the status quo in the professional skills domain.

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Are you looking to upskill and upgrade your career? Learn more how Intellipaat’s courses on trending technologies can help!

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Data Analytics Courses 29 Jun 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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Data Analytics Courses 06 Jul 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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