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List of Electric vehicles to look for in 2023
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This blog will focus on some of the most popular Electric vehicles that are/will available in the market in 2023.  We will also be discussing the advantages of shifting to electric vehicles and the features they offer over combustion vehicles.

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Advantages of Electric vehicles

Electric cars come prepacked with many great advantages which we will be talking about below:

Low maintenance –

Due to the presence of fewer mechanical moving parts as compared to any petrol/diesel vehicles, the chances of wear and tear become very less resulting in very fewer maintenance charges. Also, the need for timely service is less for electric vehicles which result in an overall running cost being significantly low.

Low running costs –

Commuting in an electric vehicle is very cheap compared to any combustion engine vehicle. The prime reason is the rate of electricity, which is very less than petrol or diesel. You can even charge your electric car at your own home, and this cost decreases more if you use renewable energy sources like solar panels.

Tax benefits –

When you buy any electric vehicle the road tax and registration charges will be quite less than any other diesel or petrol engine. Also, the government encourages you to shift to electric cars by offering multiple incentives on each purchase.

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Zero Tailpipe emissions –

There is no tailpipe emission when you drive an electric vehicle. You can further reduce the damage to the environment by charging your EVs with renewable energy sources.

Easy to drive –

Electric cars are gearless making them very convenient to drive, you simply need to accelerate, brake, and steer. Also when you are at home, plug in the charger, and while you rest your vehicle will charge.

No noise pollution –

Electric vehicles don’t have any engine under the hood which makes them silent while driving. They are so silent that some manufacturers add fake sounds to make them safe for pedestrians.

List of Electric vehicles

Mercedes-EQ EQS

Mercedes-EQ EQS

The EQS is the first electric sedan from Mercedes. This luxury sedan comes equipped with lots of modern technology and advanced safety features. 

It is available in two different variants, the first one with a single motor powering rear wheels with a range of 350 miles and the second one with all-wheel drive powered by two motors and a range of 340 miles on a single charge.

Mercedes Benz EQS is one of those few sedans that have an EPA rating above 300 miles. Also, it can charge in 30 minutes to 80 percent making it an excellent choice for long luxury drives.

Mercedes-EQ EQS Range, Pricing

  • EQS450+ = 350 miles, $103,360
  • EQS580 4Matic = 340 miles, $120,160

Polestar 2

Polestar 2

This beautiful Swedish luxury vehicle is the successor of the famous Polestar 1 super GT. The latter one being discounted, the Polestar 2 comes with two motor options. The single-motor version is more efficient and pocket friendly.

Polestar 2 Range, Pricing

  • Polestar 2 Long-Range Single Motor = 265 miles, $47,200
  • Polestar 2 Long-Range Dual Motor = 249 miles, $51,200

Porsche Taycan / Taycan Sport Turismo / Taycan Cross Turismo

Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is considered one of the best-driving EVs around the globe. Taycan comes in different variants, Taycan is the sedan version, Taycan Sport Turismo comes in a wagon form factor, and Taycan Cross Turismo is the SUV from Porsche.

All the versions support DC fast charging that can pump up the battery from 5% to 80% in just 23 minutes.

Porsche Taycan / Taycan Sport Turismo / Taycan Cross Turismo Driving Range, Pricing

  • Taycan (RWD) Performance Battery: 200 miles, $84,050
  • Taycan (RWD) Performance Battery Plus: 225 miles, $89,830
  • Taycan 4S Performance Battery: 199 miles, $105,150
  • Taycan 4S Performance Battery Plus: 227 miles, $110,720
  • Taycan GTS: 215 miles*, $132,750
  • Taycan Turbo: 212 miles, $152,250
  • Taycan Turbo S: 201 miles, $186,350
  • Taycan GTS Sport Turismo*: 210 miles, $134,650
  • Taycan 4 Cross Turismo: 215 miles, $95,050
  • Taycan 4S Cross Turismo: 215 miles, $111,650
  • Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo: 204 miles, $153,850
  • Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo: 202 miles $188,950

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Mini Cooper SE

Mini Cooper SE

This is the perfect small-sized electric Mini for people who are looking for a hatchback with a very eye catchy design. This Mini Cooper doesn’t offer the best driving range but if you are a Mini Cooper lover, the Cooper SE can be a perfect choice for you.

Mini Cooper SE Driving Range, Pricing

  • Signature = 114 miles, $30,750
  • Signature Plus = 114 miles, $34,750
  • Iconic = 114 miles, $37,750

BMW i4

BMW i4

BMW holds a big reputation for making amazing driving sports sedans and now they have set their foot in the electric vehicle industry. The new BMW i4 is their latest offering, it comes with two motor options.

A single-motor i4 eDrive40 and a two-motor i4 M50 which is also the first complete electric tuned by BMW M.

BMW i4 Driving Range, Pricing

  • i4 eDrive40 with 18’ wheels = 301 miles, $56,395
  • i4 eDrive40 with 19’ wheels = 282 miles, $56,995
  • i4 M50 with 19’ wheels = 270 miles, $66,895
  • i4 M50 with 20’ wheels = 227 miles, $69,395

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf’s first generation was launched in 2010, with the second-generation Leaf coming after more than a decade. The change feels refreshing and Leaf has so much to offer on board.

The regular variant comes with a 40-kWh battery and the Leaf Plus model ships with 62 kWh of peak battery capacity.

Nissan Leaf Driving Range, Pricing

  • Nissan Leaf S = 149 miles, $32,525
  • Nissan Leaf SV = 149 miles, $35,115
  • Nissan Leaf S Plus = 226 miles, $39,125
  • Nissan Leaf SV Plus = 215 miles, $40,675
  • Nissan Leaf Plus = 215 miles, $45,520

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Audi E-Tron GT

Audi E-Tron GT

This drop-dead gorgeous E-Tron GT was first seen in the Hollywood movie Avengers: Endgame, where it was driven by Tony Stark. Now after 3 years, Audi has finally made this model available for sale. This car comes with the same powertrain and platform as the Porsche Taycan.

Audi E-Tron GT Range, Pricing

  • E-Tron = 238 miles, $103,445
  • Audi RS E-Tron GT = 232 miles, $143,445

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

The latest Model S comes with many major updates like new interiors,  totally new infotainment system, and an upgraded powertrain. The most noticeable change would be the driving range which now surpasses the 400-mile barrier.

Tesla also introduced a new 1000+ horsepower Model S Plaid, it can touch triple digits on the meter in under 2 seconds making it the fastest Model S from the manufacturer.

Tesla Model S Driving Range, Pricing

  • Model S Long Range = 405 miles, $96,190
  • Model S Plaid with 19’ wheels = 396 miles, $131,190
  • Model S Plaid with 21’ wheels = 348 miles, $135,690

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 stays the most affordable car from Tesla and it keeps on getting regular updates by manufacturers. The newest Model 3 gets many aesthetic changes both inside and out, the looks much sleeker and the interior now comes with a new modified center console and extra ports.

Tesla Model 3 Driving Range, Pricing

  • Model 3 (RWD) = 272 miles, $46,190
  • Model 3 Long Range = 353 miles, $52,190
  • Model 3 Performance = 315 miles, $60,190

Lucid Air Dream Edition

Lucid Air Dream Edition

The Lucid Air Dream Edition is the only Lucid Air you can get your hands on and that too if you reserved one. There will be only 520 Dream Edition models which will be released in the market.

It comes in two distinctive models, the Dream Edition R (Range) and Dream Edition P (Performance); the former focuses on efficiency and reaches 520 miles range while the latter is designed for a fun driving experience, touching 100 kmph in just 2.5 seconds.

Lucid Air Driving Range, Pricing

  • Air Pure = 406 miles, $77,400
  • Air Touring = 406 miles, $95,000
  • Air Grand Touring = 516 miles, $139,000
  • Air Dream Edition R with 19’ wheels = 520 miles, $169,000
  • Air Dream Edition P with 19’ wheels = 471 miles, $169,000

Rimac Nevera

Rimac Nevera

This Rimac Nevera is the most powerful electric car you can add to your collection. It comes with four motors, each one on all four tires and crunching 1,914 horses of power with 1,714 lb-ft of torque. This machine can cover a quarter-mile in under 8.6 seconds while accelerating to 0-100 in just 1.85 seconds. 

There will be only 150 Rimac Nevera that will hit the roads and the price will start from $2.4 million.

Rimac Nevera Driving Range, Pricing

  • Nevera = 270 miles, $2,400,000

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Disadvantages of Electric vehicles

There are many great advantages offered by EVs but still, there are a few downsides you should know before you consider buying one.

Availability of recharge stations

You will always have to check the availability of electric fuelling stations in the area you’re traveling to, especially, if you are planning a long trip or going to visit any urban or suburban area.

If you run out of charge and there is no charging station nearby, it might get problematic for you.


Even though Government offers some tax relaxations on each electric vehicle purchase, we simply can’t ignore the fact that these vehicles are quite expensive.

The same car model with a petrol/diesel engine and an electric motor will be having a good price difference. You can expect to pay almost 30% more money for the electric model making them quite an expensive choice.

Short driving range and speed

Electric vehicles come with a limited speed limit and also the driving range is still comparatively low compared to petrol/diesel models.

The initial acceleration is very quick as electric motors can produce a lot of torque in a very short span of time, but the high speeds are electronically limited to prevent overheating.

Longer recharge time

Electric cars charging time varies from model to model. While your gasoline-powered car can get full in a few seconds, batteries on other hand take quite longer up to 4-6 hours to charge. 

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Through this blog,  we tried learning about a few important advantages and disadvantages that electric vehicles have to offer. We also named some of the most popular electric cars across the globe and discussed their range and pricing. For any more information regarding EVs, you can reach us through the comments section.

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