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In India one in three graduates up to the age of 29 is unemployed, according to a Labor Ministry report released last November 2013. Total unemployment in the country is officially closer to 12% for students with graduate degrees. Bus conductors with BA and laborers with MA have become a common sight. The question arises, as to what was the point of the education that was so highly revered by their parents and foremost the society.

The reason behind this unemployment is the lack of experience and specialization. Now as we all know a fresh graduate cannot do much in regards to the experience aspect but when it comes to the possible specialization in the field, the reason why many graduates hold back is either the cost or for that matter availability of quality of education.

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

Now as far as the question of quality is referred, one may resolve the same with e-learning, which also happens to be one of the most effective ways of executing cost cutting measures. Today there are competitive websites which offer E-Learning courses, which are taught by professionals with numerous accolades and decades of experience in their field.

Self paced and online courses are seventy five percent cheaper, than their classroom instruction alternatives. These courses remove the barriers of time, geography and communication constraints. This provides the user to achieve an interactive experience in courses with highest standards of quality in terms of education. The competition in the field is also prompting the companies to develop this course at low production cost and therefore they are optimizing their cost structure with every passing day, which is to say that bigger and bigger discounts are on the way.

So it won’t be long when a technical graduate will be able to gain proficiency in Advance Hadoop Technologies which enable him to approach one of the fastest growing markets of big data, for the cost of a budget smart phone. Speaking of which, these sites also happen to offer mobile development courses with the same discounts to develop cool applications.

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