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Today software is being extensively used in almost every organization and due to this there is a proliferation of software organizations and software projects that are finding a lot of attention from all around. The clients are super demanding and this puts tremendous pressure on the entire software development lifecycle. But none more important than the software testing phase. It is where the software viability and efficacy is manifested. It is the moment of truth, the “Eureka” moment that every software organizations dread. Read the following expert opinions about what is important in a real-world testing scenario. Is it speed or quality? The debate is ongoing and the jury is still out on that.

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Here we feature some of the expert opinions:

SurajRajoria CEO VirtuoWhizsays, “Agile software development is the need of the hour since in traditional waterfall method everything gains prominence only at the end. Having an agile approach helps to incorporate cost reductions, upgrade the existing products and services, reducing time in improving the quality of the product.

Anoop K, Senior Software Tester at Foradian Technologies says, “Quality is of utmost importance. Speed has its own place but we cannot sacrifice quality at the cost of speed. There is no point in arriving at a solution if we do not do the right due diligence in getting the right bugs fixed.

There is a myth in software companies that testers can spot any bug that exists. But that is far from the truth. Suraj Rajoria says, “Testing is the combined responsibility of the entire team of developers, testers, analysts, and managers. But even then all the bugs cannot be fixed. So there is always a trade-off between speed and quality.”

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Suraj affirms that DevOps is a good way to streamline the development and operations of an IT organization. It helps to reduce costs, improve productivity, and product quality, and accelerate the process of software deployment.

Suraj goes on to add, “For a long time the software development was happening in isolated teams and processes for different stages. However, the separation of duties stretches the project deadline. So DevOps will improve the turnaround time and make the software development process agile.”

Anoop says, “Without being agile we cannot reach or meet the deadlines, companies should plan agile methodologies going forward for ensuring both the quality and speed parameters are adhered to.

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The Verdict:

Both quality and speed are extremely vital for any software project to be successful. But sometimes it is just not possible to maintain the speed while still ensuring the quality is of top-notch quality. Hence there needs to be a balance between the two aspects of speed and quality. Some of the minor bugs which do not threaten the software to a great extent can be afforded to be ignored if the software can be released at the right time. Since every business time is money and the more you delay the more the client has to lose. Hence in today’s hyper-competitive world, there are instances when important decisions need to be taken where trade-offs have to be done between speed and quality in order to get the best software to the market at the earliest.

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