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Somashekhar Hatti
Updated on 06th Jun, 23 2358 Views

Somasherkar Hatti works in UST Global Technologies in Bangalore. He worked as a mainframe developer for over 8 years. He currently has over 1.5 years of experience in Hadoop testing.

“I learnt many new concepts that I had never worked upon. I learnt various new techniques and best practices” says Somasherkar

He had previously done courses from other institutions in big data domain. He was not content with the learning experience in these institutions. He came up across user reviews of Intellipaat’s learning courses. The main reason he chose Intellipaat over other e-learning platforms was that Intellipaat provided a dedicated course on Hadoop testing. He couldn’t find such a course offering elsewhere.


He wanted to perfect his knowledge on Hadoop as his knowledge was incomplete from his previous courses. He eventually perfected his knowledge on Hadoop. The reason why Somashekar finds Intellipaat exceptional is that the unique course experience provided here. This helped him get to know the in and out of the testing aspects of Big data Hadoop.

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