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How Monica Transformed her Career from Data Warehousing to Hadoop Expert

How Monica Transformed her Career from Data Warehousing to Hadoop Expert

Monica Ramteke is from an engineering background with specialization in computer science. She has over 5.6 years of industry experience in the ETL tools which is part of the broader business intelligence domain.

“In the competitive world one needs to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in order to grab the best jobs in the top companies” says Monica

So she took a break from her career in order to conveniently up skill with the right set of technologies. To find the best professional online training institutes, she researched a lot on the internet. She found that Intellipaat is a top training institute that offers industry-led training in some of the most sought-after technologies available today.

She chose our training in Hadoop architecture which is one of the leading courses at Intellipaat. The entire training was very in-depth, knowledgeable and fully in line with the industry needs and directly as per the syllabus of the Cloudera Hadoop certification.

The trainer for the Hadoop architecture course came with extensive experience in real world Hadoop deployment. The trainer clarified all her doubts in the most satisfactory way. Even the support team was highly knowledgeable, cooperative, and punctual.

“I have learnt various new concepts and techniques, it only gave me the skills I needed but it gave me confidence in those skills” says Monica

She was very happy with the Intellipaat lifetime access for all course material and videos. In her experience, this is a very good feature and is immensely helpful to professional learners. Overall, she had a very positive experience with us and would definitely recommend it to all her friends and colleagues.

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As a Data Analyst & Machine Learning Associate, Nishtha uses a combination of her analytical skills and machine learning knowledge to interpret complicated datasets. She is a passionate storyteller who transforms crucial findings into gripping tales that further influence data-driven decision-making in the business frontier.