From a Confused Beginner to a Gleeful Hadoop Ninja: Ramya’s Journey

From a Confused Beginner to a Gleeful Hadoop Ninja: Ramya’s Journey
27th Nov, 2019

Ramya is from Pune with a work experience of 2 years in Cognizant. She was a Cognos developer and she has considerable experience in data warehousing domain.

‘Big data industry has huge potential and those who are skilled at this will get a major boost’ says Ramya

Like other enrollees, she too had searched around for good institutes who provided Hadoop learning course. She was confused as to where exactly she should do her course on Hadoop. Our course advisor walked her through all the aspects of the Hadoop course provided in Intellipaat and cleared her confusion.

‘The training faculty in Intellipaat had in-depth knowledge and was very responsive when it comes to query resolutions’ says Ramya

Ramya also found that Intellipaat was providing a single course on Hadoop for various roles such as Hadoop administrator, testing, developer and analyst. Therefore, she enrolled to Intellipaat for the learning course on Hadoop.

She was satisfied with the faculty because they cleared all her doubts on the subject. Ramya said that the support team in Intellipaat also arranged a one-on-one session with the trainer

Ramya says that she had gone through various other providers of Hadoop course Intellipaat is the only platform which provides lifetime access for the course provided.

‘I am thankful to Intellipaat team for providing such a wonderful opportunity’ says Ramya

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