Excelling in Career with Big Data Hadoop: Sudheer’s Journey

Sudheer Kumar Nagaruri
  • Updated on 24th Jul, 17

My name is Sudheer Kumar and I have over two years of experience in working with Java. I am currently doing my masters in US. Since I have a background in Java, I thought that learning Hadoop would be the most logical choice to upgrade my career since Hadoop is a big data processing and storage platform that is built on Java programming language.

“The entire data analysis world is moving towards Hadoop and this is the reason I wanted to gain expertise in this platform”

The reason I chose Intellipaat was because I initially went through their course curriculum and the whole thing sounded very convincing to me. That is the reason I enrolled for the Intellipaat training. Initially, I was not sure whether the faculty would be good since some of my friends have not had so good experience with other training institutes. But within a short duration of starting the training course at Intellipaat

“I realized that the faculty had full capability that surpassed my expectations as they came with extensive industry experience and in-depth domain knowledge”

Even the support team from Intellipaat provided extensive query resolution with satisfactory solution to my doubts and issues. I am more than happy with the response that I got from the support team.

I would like to comment about the lifetime access that Intellipaat offers. It is very useful for those who want to be on top of technology studies and would like to visit it that they have studied. If I get stuck anytime in the technology or tool then lifetime access is profoundly useful. So, I am very satisfied with Intellipaat training.

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