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John Chioles is based in Texas, USA working as a senior business analyst in Shell Corporation. He is working on business intelligence, data design among many other domains in his company.

John was searching online for a good learning course on business intelligence. Eventually, he came across Intellipaat and he got interested in the type of course offering provided. Therefore, he enrolled for Microsoft Business Intelligence course in Intellipaat.

“The instructors are exceptional in their hands-on experience and their responsiveness to questions” says John

He says that he got the training he opted and he applauds the service provided by Intellipaat. According to him, the instructors are exceptional in their hands-on experience and their responsiveness to questions. He strongly felt that the course offering in Intellipaat is very large, relevant and most importantly dynamic. Intellipaat has combo courses where multiple individual courses are combined into a single package. In his opinion, it is due to this fact the pricing in Intellipaat is unbeatable.


John is saying that the courses are combined together is such a way that it is well suited for IT employees. He adds that he has not seen any other provider who gives lifetime access to the tools along with the support required for that.

He has already recommended Intellipaat to his friends because he was impressed with the broad course offering, knowledge of the instructors, quickness of the response team and access to the tools. He is especially thankful to Intelllipaat as it provides lifetime access for a particular course offering. It is his feeling that due to these fact learners can stay updated in latest changes in technology.

“I was successfully able to implement the things I learnt in the course. The flexibility and skill set with which I engage in the projects has increased tremendously “says John.

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