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15 Things To Do During Quarantine at Home for Personal Growth

Since there are no public spaces open to us, such as institutes, offices, malls, parks, etc., due to Covid-19, we are confined in our own homes. This has both pros and cons, depending on what you choose to do with your time. Staying idle at a time like this can be not just boring but also harmful in many ways as it can lead to the feeling of loneliness and overthinking. Instead you can make peace with the fact that you are stuck inside and make the most of what is available to you. The type of activities that we will discuss in this blog are listed below:

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Things To Do During Quarantine at Home for Personal Growth

It is easy to be demotivated about this pandemic situation, but you need to remember that we are all in the same boat. Our scenarios can be a tad bit different, but we are all stuck and only trying to find things that can help us get through this. In this blog, we will cover some productive things to do at home during quarantine. While maintaining social distancing and taking care of your health, you can pick up a few activities during home quarantine.

Productive Things To Do During Quarantine

While being stuck in quarantine, you can learn and enhance several skills. This will help you gain knowledge and spend your time in a productive manner. Check out some of the courses that you can take up during quarantine that can help you attain skills that will help you land a lucrative job during or after the end of quarantine.

1. Enroll in a Course on Machine Learning

Right now, there is a high demand for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) professionals in the industry. Several organizations are recruiting professionals who have skills in these domains as these technologies are in skyrocketing demand for business improvements. So, to pass the time during this quarantine, you can get yourself involved in learning through short-term courses to upgrade and enhance your skills. You can begin by learning Python, statistics, regression techniques, decision tree, random forests, the Naïve Bayes theorem, and other core concepts of Machine Learning.

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2. Sign Up for a Business Analytics Course

Business Analytics is among the most trending technologies available today. A course in this domain is especially recommended for those who are either developing or have established their organizations as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship requires great knowledge of business analytics to get insights into business based on statistics and data, which is why a course in business analytics is a must. Even if you have some background knowledge, the course will help you brush up your knowledge and skills and help you keep yourself up to date with the latest techniques and tools of business analytics.

Intellipaat offers the best Business Analyst Training wherein you will not only gain in-depth knowledge of the required concepts but also work on projects and put those acquired skills to use.

3. Upgrade Skills in Blockchain

Blockchain is among the most trending and highly in-demand technologies today. It is also among the most sought-after skills for tech-savvy individuals. Although it is not so new, Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that offers thousands of new possibilities in the IT industry. There is an increasing need for professionals with expert skills in Blockchain.

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After learning about some of the productive things to do when bored in quarantine, let us discuss some of the fun things that you can do and learn in this period.

Fun Things To Do During Quarantine

During this pandemic, for many of us, it indeed feels good to spend time lazing around for some days. However, after a few days, we feel the need to do something fun and entertaining rather than just relaxing. Let us learn about a few things that we can do while quarantining and still enjoy!

4. Start a Blog

Do you want to stay at home and earn some extra pocket money? Blogging is the way to go! Writing is, indeed, a great way to pass the time, have a little fun, and do something productive. Blogging will help you utilize the internet to express your feelings, thoughts, activities, etc., and build a study around it. While writing blogs, you may also take a trip down memory lane and write about the events from your past.

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Your blog does not need to have a deadline; you have the freedom to take time as you need and write wherever and whenever you want. After getting used to it, you can post blogs and articles more frequently based on the time you have to write, edit, and publish.

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5. Watch a Series or Read a Book That You Have Always Wanted

Remember the series that you kept putting off because you never had enough time to watch it? Quarantine is the best time to start it. Watching a great series on a streaming platform is one of the best things to do in quarantine. You can binge-watch one or more series and lower your stress levels.

You will also have enough time to read the book(s) that have been on your to-read list for a very long time but never got the chance to because of one reason or another.

6. Start a DIY Project

Now that you have the time, you can learn new skills that will help you create things at home through a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. There are several things that we buy without realizing that they could easily be made at home in a few simple steps. This not only helps you utilize your time but it also allows you to learn new skills, reducing your expenses. In a DIY project, you can learn and become capable of fixing your home lights, making homemade chocolates, starting a small local business to earn some profit, and much more. So, take up a DIY course of your interest and explore new possibilities.

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7. Learn a New Language

Haven’t you wished that you had the time to learn a new language? However, your personal or professional life and schedule my not have allowed you to act on it. This is the perfect time to start learning a language. There are various apps, such as Duolingo, are there to help you get started.

8. Explore Your Artistic Side

If you are not into DIY, you explore your artistic and creative side. You can channel your creativity and learn to doodle, paint, sketch, and much more. Other than this, you can also learn skills such as knitting, soap-making, poetry, candle-making, etc. Exploring your creative side is an amazing way to pass your time while engaging with a new skill.

These are just a few of the fun and useful things that you can do during this pandemic.

There are still some activities that you can do with your friends even while social distancing. Let us now take a look at some of them.

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Things To Do with Friends During Quarantine

In this quarantine, no matter the time you spend developing your personal and professional skills, there are times when you miss meeting and spending time with your friends. The power of the internet will help you to solve this problem. Let us discuss how you can virtually hang out with your friends even when you are miles apart and stuck in quarantine.

9. Virtual Movie Night

Irrespective of the numerous over-the-top (OTT) media service platforms that we have, the feeling of watching new movies in a theatre with friends is a different experience altogether. That isn’t a possibility right now, but hanging out with your friends and watching a movie together is, indeed, still possible. With the help of web applications, such as Rave and Netflix Party, you can connect with your friends and watch a movie together in real-time and discuss it, even when you are miles away from each other.

10. Play Online Games

There are several games available online that you can play with your friends. In the Houseparty app, there are several games available for you to choose from, along with the option of a video call making it convenient and easy to play the games. Codenames can be played over a Zoom video call. No video call is necessary to play Psych!. You can create a private room with your friends and play the game as per its format. This will not just help you pass the time but will also allow you to interact with your friends and spend quality time with them.

Online Games During Quarantine

After reading about the things that you can do with your friends, you will now learn about a few things that teens and even young adults can do in quarantine.

Things To Do During Quarantine for Teens

Below-mentioned are some of the activities that teenagers and young adults can do to keep themselves occupied during the quarantine.

11. Redesign Your Room

Right now, most of us, especially teenagers, are spending most of the time inside our rooms. Instead of sitting idle and scrolling through their phone, teenagers can redesign and personalize their space in easy but efficient ways. They can paint the walls or add a new wallpaper for a new look, add some furnishings or shift them around, paint the furniture, etc. This will change the look of the entire room and help teenagers to feel refreshed and switch their vibe.

12. Listen to Podcasts and TED Talks

Depending on your lifestyle and choice of music, you can listen to the podcasts that inspire you, help you overcome challenges, such as creative blocks, help you learn new things, keep you updated on the latest news, and much more. You can use applications, such as Spotify, to find different podcasts.

TED Talks can help inspire you in numerous ways. Listening to real-life stories and struggles can motivate you in whichever direction you aspire to go. One of the best and most unique things about TED Talks is that the stories are available across a varied range of topics, such as mental health, technology, innovation, health, science, socialism, business, and more.

Further, let us discuss the things that you can do with your partner during this difficult time.

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Things To Do During Quarantine with Your Partner

In difficult times like this, it is not easy to maintain a relationship and it is often tested. So, read on to know how you can continue to sustain your relationship, especially at a time like this where you do not know what tomorrow holds.

13. Have a One-on-one Conversation

It can become frustrating to share your personal space with your partner, and everyone at home, all the time. So, instead of fighting and taking out your frustrations on each other, try to communicate effectively and spend some quality time together while doing household chores, watching a movie, playing board games, etc., to continue building and having a compatible relationship.

Now, check out the things that your kids can do to spend their time in quarantine.

Things To Do During Quarantine for Kids

Kids should have the freedom to go outdoors and play, but considering the ongoing pandemic, that may not be possible at times. Instead of playing outdoors, there are a few things that you can do with kids to pass their time and also yours while having a little bit of fun.

14. Create Positive Memories

While staying at home, you can create several positive memories with and for your kids that you will enjoy talking about in the future. These memories can be based on relationships, connections, gratitude, funny anecdotes, and entertainment.

15. Teach Significant Life Skills to Your Kids

You can mentor your kids and teach them important skills including doing laundry and dishes, cleaning washrooms, cooking, and more. You can give your kids pocket money to spend on the basis of the chores done by them. Moreover, you can also have them cook a meal once or twice a month so that they are able to practice whatever they have learned.

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These are the 15 things to do during quarantine at home that will allow you to have some fun and learn new things. The pandemic has surely given us reasons to hate it, but it has also given us the time that we all secretly desire. Now, you have the time to learn a new skill, read a book, spend time with your family, connect with your friends, and more. So, make the most of this time!

If you have any queries regarding the technologies that you wish to learn, contact us at our Community!

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