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Pentaho Tutorial - Learn the basics of Pentaho Data Integration

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Pentaho Tutorial for Beginners

Popularly revered as an open-source Business Intelligence package, Pentaho has phenomenal  ETL, analysis, metadata, and reporting capabilities. This BI tool helps customers recognize the benefits of big data while offering a cost-effective, agile and productive cloud delivery model.

It is a multi-purpose BI platform allowing enterprises to analyze, integrate and present data through comprehensive reports and dashboards. With a self-exploratory designed interface, Pentaho has made valuable contributions in data analytics, providing business suggestions and presenting your data and information in interactive report formats.

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Why should the industries deploy Pentaho when some of the popular competitors like QlikView, Jaspersoft, etc., are offering similar functionalities? Read below to find out:

  • Can be deployed over any infrastructure including any big data cluster
  • Simple and interactive reports are developed using a step-by-step wizard
  • Connectivity allows content to be directly published on the BI server.

The commendable flexibility of Pentaho has accelerated its adoption by a majority of enterprises and business groups today. They rely on Pentaho services to identify the barriers that block the company’s ability to extract value from data. Further, Pentaho provides various solutions and translates data into value. Together with open source technology, it supports extensible and embeddable architecture allowing each member to make use of the services.

Features of Pentaho

Here are some interesting features of Pentaho:

  • Allows a data source to have a user-friendly metadata domain added to it.
  • It offers enhanced value and hadoop functionality
  • It includes report designers, which may be used to fine-tune reports and do ad-hoc reporting.
  • It supports a variety of output report types, including Excel spreadsheets, XMLs, PDFs, HTML, and Word documents.
  • A published report can be sent to other users in pentaho. 
  • It offers interactive responses instantly by professionals.

Why Pentaho?

The major reasons why enterprises are choosing Pentaho for their businesses are:

  • Controlled data delivery: It merges trusted and timely data for powerful data analytics at scale for all users in all environments
  • Easily embeddable: Pentaho supports multi-tenant architecture, which allows embedding analytics into any workflow application like Cloud, mobile, and hybrid data models.
  • Power to integrate: It accurately integrates and blends data from multiple sources, regardless of the deployment environments. Provides flexibility of analytics, turning big data into valuable insights.
  • Interactive and simple visual tools: The visual drag and drop tools at Pentaho keep users away from the burdens of complex coding.

Pentaho Tutorial Video

Pentaho Architecture

There are basically four layers in Pentaho’s architecture:

Presentation layer Contains data available through reporting, analysis, process management, etc.
Data layer Used to connect any database
Server layer Allows applications to run on top of it
Client layer Contains two client

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Being the leading professional service provider, we aim at training diverse groups on the Pentaho business intelligence tool. Thus, we have designed this tutorial that will familiarize you with the basics and advanced concepts of Pentaho. 

It includes an introduction to transformations, which will help you learn how to transform your data into other scripting codes like JavaScript. You can also learn how to transform the row sets and create advanced transformations and jobs.

This learning package at Intellipaat will also help you in performing validations and handling data errors. It will give deeper insights into working with databases and performing advanced operations on them through real-time examples. In fact, each heading of this tutorial is clear and simple to be grasped even by entry-level individuals.

If you are passionate about Big Data processing and generating the best business reports, this tutorial will serve as an excellent roadmap to navigate you in the right direction and take you to the next level in your career. Nonetheless, if you are familiar with Pentaho, you can refer to this tutelage and quickly retouch your Pentaho concepts and gain perfection.

What is Reporting? 

Pentaho Reporting is a set of tools that allows you to create relational and analytical reports. It is capable of transforming data into useful information. Pentaho supports HTML, Excel, PDF, Text, CSV, and XML as report formats.

Pentaho Tool vs. BI stack

The following are the top differences between Pentaho tool and BI Stack:

Pentaho Tool BI Stack
Web and iPhone platforms are supported in Pentaho Tool.  Web, iPhone, Android, Windows are all supported in the BI stack.
No subscription Subscription price is applied
It offers metadata Editor It provides metadata management
It Reports Designer Operational Reporting in BI Stack
Microsoft Power BI outperforms in the  built-in integration competition Pentaho offers fewer built-in integration capabilities

Advantages of Pentaho

  • Pentaho BI is a very easy to use kind of tool. You can work with it if you can just understand some fundamental ideas.
  • It is a Business Intelligence solution that is simple and straightforward to use
  • Reporting, dashboards, interactive analysis, Data Integration, data mining, and other BI features are available.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and a number of tools for retrieving data from a variety of sources.
  • Pentaho provides a single package for working with data.

Disadvantages of Pentaho

  • The interface design can be sloppy, and there is no one interface for all components.
  • In comparison to other BI tools, this technology evolves at a much slower pace.
  • There are just a few components available in Pentaho Business Analytics.
  • Inadequate community support. So, if a part isn’t working, you’ll have to wait till the next version is published.

Recommended Audience for this Pentaho Tutorial

  • Business Analyst and BI developers
  • Data Scientists, Data Warehousing Programmers, and Solution Architects
  • Entry-level enthusiasts and advanced professionals aspiring bigger careers in Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics.

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  • Understanding of database and data warehousing concepts
  • Familiarity with any programming languages like Java, C++, and basics of object-oriented programming
  • Knowledge of Linux and UNIX can be beneficial


Pentaho has consistently improved its open-source reporting tool over the last few years. It is a fantastic solution for reports with a low to moderate level of complexity and no need for crosstabs or charts, in our opinion. This is all about Pentaho. Hope you have grasped the information you are looking for.

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