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What we learnt from those who learned from us?

What we learnt from those who learned from us?

Learner testimonials are important to our objective of giving world-class learning experiences, and consistently everybody in the organization goes through reviews and ratings that come in through our site. The plethora of positive reviews from our Hadoop training has got us excited and we are dedicated in addressing concerns of our learners as and when they are raised.We feel that it is a great opportunity to know how our learners feel about their experience as we go through one review after another. We get to deliver upgrades and course-wide enhancements which we identified from trends and patterns by having a bird’s eye view on the opinions of our learners.

Our very wide course offering has often left our learners very surprised. We have made sure to add every relevant concept that is trending in the tech world.

There was a Texas techie who was quite taken with our course offerings. He confessed that it was the main factor that prompted him to join our institute in the MSBI course.

Become a Business Intelligence Architect

This was a moment of reckoning for us. We actually improved upon our course offering based on the input from this learner. We provided more combo courses from then on making already affordable courses super affordable. Since then on we have seen a jump in the number of enrolling from combo courses.

It would be difficult to expound upon what all the concepts we provide training in. The list is so large. Rather you should ask what topics we don’t cover that is important to the IT industry. We don’t leave anything important not included in our course curriculum. We have also not gone to the extreme and added too many concepts in a particular subject that will overwhelm those who want to learn it. This would just waste their precious time and energy in learning unnecessary concepts and jargons. There are huge resources on the internet about almost all the technologies we teach. But among them what is important, does it matter, will it go out of style in the future are some things we take into consideration to provide best training to our learners.

Striking the correct harmony between giving solutions outright, and driving our learners to find solutions on their own our learners have come a long way. Our trainers have often included quizzes at the end of some lectures to tweak the learning experience of our students. This ensures that the leaner has a firm grasp in the subject being taught. Growth mindset is a critical idea in our field, and we are interested to perceive how the thought reverberates with our learners at a grassroots level. A big data learner had this to say:

“I had enrolled for big data training. After each session the faculty would provide a quiz to me. All the things I learnt in the session had to be connected in my mind to answer the quiz correctly. Due to this my knowledge on the big data concepts is well grounded.”

Taking this review seriously our course trainers are now providing quizzes with more rigor. We have understood that this process embeds the concepts deep into the subconscious of the learners. That is why we now placing increased importance in this process.

Most of our learners are working professionals who have busy schedule. Hence they opt for self- learning. Self-learning methodology when done the right way helps the learner to assimilate knowledge quickly. We took a lot of effort to ensure that there are no hurdles in the path of self-exploratory learning. An IT employee who had taken self-learning on DevOps said:

“The course curriculum was very comprehensive and easy to follow. Very complex concepts are explained in a simple way. The videos are very informative. They explained in a neat way how infrastructure as a code makes the process of DevOps more efficient. Whenever I get time, I hop onto my computer and partake in the most fruitful learning experience of my life.” 

Taking into account such recurring positive reviews we had provided discounts on Dusshera, Diwali, Republic day, Independence Day for both online and self-learning courses and will continue to do so. Our intention is to let learners leverage such opportunities from our end to avail world class training at affordable prices.

Other striking features of our company which leaves many learners astounded is that we provide lifetime access to the course content, lifetime upgrade feature for the course a learner enrolls in. As technology keeps upgrading new concepts emerge which has to be mastered. Those who don’t update themselves and remain misaligned with the latest upgrades find it difficult to climb the ladder of success in their career. Our lifetime upgrade feature is provided to address this issue. For a single payment the learner is eligible for lifelong access to the technological upgrades in the course he enrolled for. A Salesforce student had something to say on this:

Salesforce is a company that is a pioneer in innovation. They keep coming up with new and exciting features. I enrolled to Intellipaat to subscribe myself to lifelong updates on Salesforce. They have kept their promise until now and I know the in and out of Salesforce platform. I got to know that a team of 175 data scientists got together to create Salesforce Einstein. That is only one of the many things I learnt.”

This review among many others ensured that we were heading in the right direction.Our trainers are ever in touch with the latest happenings in their respective fields of expertise. We pride ourselves on being the only e-learning institute which provides such a feature throughout life.

Along with this we also provide lifetime support where a learner is entitled to ask any doubts pertaining to his course and our query resolution team would get back to such a learner with relevant answers. Our learners are puzzled as to how do we make this possible. They usually ask how we manage to answer to such large number of students. The answer is very simple that we don’t usually get many requests to clear the confusion in subject topics. The reason for this is that our trainers normally train the students in such a way that is very easy to follow. Students usually end up grounded in knowledge on their course. Those who do call the support team are those who couldn’t make it to online class for personal reasons and other such eventualities. But we provide support to them nevertheless. A data science student has this to say about our support team:

“I had some trouble understanding a concept in data science. So I dropped a mail asking about integration of R with Hadoop. I received appropriate reply within 6 hours itself.”

This review made us proud that we have kept our promise of resolving the doubts within 24 hours. We have therefore enhanced our support team to be ready with answers to the most commonly asked questions. Even if a rarely asked question comes our way we have enough material and expertise in our support team that they answer the questions with much ease.

As you can see our relationship with the learners is for lifetime. It’s not like you make payment, learn the course and after a year or so you are nobody to us. We started this company to provide competent training to eager aspirants at very modest prices. Our large satisfied learner base ensures us that we have been successful. We are poised in our commitment to make the world more familiar with latest emerging technologies.

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