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Using Automation Anywhere (AA), I am extracting medicine names and prices from this link:

It returns 3 pages. While extracting the pattern based data from the website, AA code loops through all 3 pages. Upon reaching the last page i.e page 3, it does not stop and the loop goes on indefinitely.

I have watched many Youtube videos but can't seem to find the solution.

Since I am new to AA, I am unable to debug the issue. I have tried to throw some arrows in the dark but all in vain, so need your help.

I expect that AA should stop after page 'n' and write the result in CSV.

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I don't have an exact solution for your problem, but you might  get the idea.

Maybe a logic is missing , i think the problem might be in website, lets take an example. even though there's not 4 pages worth of options, it will take you to page 1's results. That's probably why it's infinitely looping.



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