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I am a newbie to AWS Cloud. Recently I was given the requirement to do an Automation Anywhere Clustered Control Room installation on AWS Cloud. Based on this requirement, I set up 2 EC2 instances (as a test run) with Windows Server 2016 AMI. I installed the MS SQL server on one of the instances and opened port 1433 for access from the other instance. I installed Control Room on the first instance successfully (using custom install). When I completed the installation on the second instance, I got a credential vault error. I have created a shared folder that is accessible by both the instances in spite of which I am getting the error. I have security groups and firewalls set up appropriately also have shared the snapshot below. I have been informed that there is an authentication issue between the 2 instances. How do I get this to work?

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 Reinstall the control room on both the EC2 machines with Manual mode for the Credential Vault access. Also, reset the firewall to allow only 80 and 443  both locally and remotely on the second EC2 instance.

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