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I tried moving the files using WinSCP, but it didn’t help. So, I wanna know how can I copy files from HDFS to my local computer file system.

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There are two approaches you can use to do the task,

hadoop fs -get <HDFS file path> <Local system directory path>

hadoop fs -copyToLocal <HDFS file path> <Local system directory path>

Another thing you can try and do is simply download it with your web browser.

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You can copy the data from hdfs to the local filesystem by following two ways:

  • bin/hadoop fs -get /hdfs/source/path /localfs/destination/path

  •  bin/hadoop fs -copyToLocal /hdfs/source/path /localfs/destination/path

Another alternative way would be:

Download the file from hdfs to the local filesystem. Just, point your web browser to HDFS WEBUI(namenode_machine:50070) and select the file and download it.

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In Hadoop 2.0,

hdfs dfs -copyToLocal <hdfs_input_file_path> <output_path>

where, the hdfs_input_file_path maybe obtained from http://<<name_node_ip>>:50070/explorer.html and the output_path is that local path, where the file is being copied.

Refer to the following video, regarding Hadoop:

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