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We have a system, where we want to push the records (e.g. Contact, Account, Opportunity) from our system to SalesForce.

To achieve this, we have used ForceToolKit for .Net. We are successfully pushing the contact records from our system to Salesforce.

First customer has to provide the consumer key and secret and upon providing these details, the user will be redirected to Salesforce login page for OAuth. We are storing the RefreshToken and it will be used at the time of Data push.

Here, if user provides incorrect consumer key, then it is redirecting to Salesforce login page and shows below message:


enter image description here

Now, we have to validate the Consumer key & secret before it redirects to Salesforce URL and check if it is valid or not.

Can anyone help me on how to achieve this?

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The error can be due to a mismatch of URL which you rendered in Endpoint URL. This is the first reason.

The next reason is that it is considered as the method post or get. Also, it is that you have to use a request type. And consumer key secret key and username password this are the mandatory to get the access token.

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