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please be easy on me, I am new to ML. I am sure somebody will request to close this as subjective but I cannot find my specific answer and don't know how else to ask.

If I have a shop, with three areas of the shop. I have sensors to detect when people come in or out of each area. This happens every 15 seconds. So, in my DB, I have a count of the occupancy, per room, every 15 seconds.

Using this data, I want to predict the occupancy, per room, in the future but also, if somebody comes in the door, predict most likely room they will go to.

Is it possible to predict future occupancy per room and also the probability of where people will go when the walk-in using a dataset that simply lists the rooms and the occupancy of each room every 15 seconds? Is this a regression model?

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This is much more like a classification problem and you can go about it in two ways:

1. Multi-target regression 

2. Independent forecast 

Well you can perform regression as well. You will need the following feature sets:

1. room number

2. hours spent in room

3. the day of the week 

4. lagging

Here are some useful links:

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