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I am trying to scrape data from a slickgrid, but it isn't working out. It has problems with selector or metadata. I have tried using wildcards, and other alternatives too, but all fail to scrap the data. Can anyone help me out in this?

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I would say that knowing slickgrid a little beforehand will work as a advantage for you. Slickgrid only displays the currently visible data, so scraping the data from the UI will only get partial results.

you should find underlying object and get it in JSON format.its easy for  single target website, and may be able to be automated with a few tricks for multiple renderings of the same page of a specific website.

(edit: whoops, just noticed the UIPath bit. I had a look, but I don't know how it works. Assume it looks in the HTML. Basically, that will only work if you are able to get UiPath to scroll through the entire dataset one page at a time. You'll have to use logic to eliminate the metadata rows. But if you can drop into javascript, it will be so much easier)

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