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I am trying to do a list report with about 40 columns(Dims+measure) but not able to get it right, the requirement pushes the Tableau limitation by exploiting its limit to only 16 columns.

How can I get this done?

I read this

Here is my Tableau workbook with 16+ columns but no column header

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  • Go to Analysis-->Table Layout -->Advanced and change the number in Rows and Columns as per your need.

  • You can't add more than 16 to this, but increase it to 16 (for identification). So, save the Tableau file with an extension .TWB. Then open this file in notepad.

  • Then search for the text: attr='row-levels'.

  • You will find something like:

<format attr='row-levels' value='16' /> <format attr='row-horiz-levels' value='16' />

  • You need to change the value of 16 to desired column numbers. Save the notepad file. Open it in Tableau.

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How to display 40 + columns in Tableau?
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is it row-levels or column levels?

Just a doubt

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