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The documentation mentions as follows, however, I do not see any of such checkboxes in Key Message properties. Any help would be appreciated. -Thanks

To enable, ensure content admins have to write access and users have read access to these two fields on the

Key Message object in CRM:

Is Shared Resource – (Is_Shared_Resource_vod__c) is a check box that determines if a Key Message is a CLM shared resource Shared Resource – (Shared_Resource_vod__ is a Look-up to the shared resources which the key message references

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You'll have to qualify both the red highlighted field options on your Key Message interface/view. After which, when you're uploading your Shared Zip, you'll have to check the box labeled "Is Shared Resource".

Sample Veeva Key Message Shared Resource

Concurrently, every ZIP you upload, you'll have to enter the ZIP name in the "Shared Resource" input box.

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